Yoga for women — the path to beauty and health

At today’s pace of life, not all of us have time to visit gyms and sports clubs. Yoga for women originates in India, where, as you know, a woman cannot engage in sports in public, and therefore the practice of yoga implies solitude. For a modern woman, it is enough to have only a rug for classes and any room in the house, the main thing is that it is well ventilated.

Yoga as if created for women. Due to hormonal differences, the female body is more flexible, soft and fragile compared to the body of a man. In addition, it has for centuries been prone to fullness and fat deposition on the abdomen, hips and waist. Pregnancy and childbirth play a decisive role in this.
Psychologically, a woman is more susceptible to emotional stress, often leading to depression. Yoga is designed to help a woman restore her physical and psychological state, normalize her emotional background.
You can start practicing yoga for women at any age and regardless of general physical fitness. Classes will help a woman of any age to maintain beauty and charm. Do not be afraid that performing asanas will make you pumped up Amazon, they only affect the ligaments and condition of internal organs, purifying the blood and harmonizing the work of the whole organism.
Where to start the practice? First of all, you should decide on the type of yoga for women that best suits your goals. There are a great many of them now. Let us dwell on a few of the most popular.
Types of Yoga for Women
The progenitor of modern yoga can be considered hatha yoga. This species originated in the VI century A.D. Its main elements are asanas (various static poses) and pranayama (breathing exercises). Hatha Yoga promotes the development of the art of meditation and the achievement of general peace.
Ashtanga Yoga is a youth area similar to aerobics. Dynamic exercises in combination with special breathing rhythms are suitable for people who are well prepared physically.
Power yoga, as the name implies, is a power type of yoga. It also requires a person to have good physical fitness. It is perfectly suited for leveling muscle imbalance in athletes.
Iyengar, by contrast, is suitable for those whose lifestyle is inactive. Asanas are performed slowly, gradually becoming more complicated. Iyengar classes are aimed at developing the flexibility and strength of the human body and help to find psychological balance.
An even calmer look is Vinya Yoga. It is ideal for practice after suffering physical injuries. There is no need to properly perform asanas, only subjective sensations and good health are important.
Kundalini yoga classes are based on revealing the energy of Kundalini, the “sleeping snake” located in the lower part of the spine. When performing complex asanas, the snake “wakes up” and stretches along the entire spine, thereby generating energy flows. To keep asana in kundalini yoga is a rather laborious task.
These are the main types of yoga for women, popular today. In addition, there are hybrids of yoga and Pilates (yogalates) and fitness with yoga (yogabit).For classes in the first form, it is enough to have an initial level of physical training. Yogabit classes begin with unhurried exercises with a gradual increase in pace and end with relaxing meditation.
There is no need to be limited to just one type of yoga for women. It is possible and necessary to combine several different exercises from one kind or another. In this way, you can elevate your body and mind to a new level of perfection and find complete harmony with yourself and the world around you.

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