Why the food on our table should be varied?

Why the food on our table should be varied?

It seems to be an obvious truth: our food should not be scarce, monotonous, but rather diverse. But why then do most people eat the same food and cuisine for many years, although the financial might to afford it a variety? Because a diverse diet can’t be all favorite. Not favorite food, tasteless food, people aren’t hungry. They are content with 4-5 meals that they have eaten over the years and they like. Their conservatism was quite happy.

Typical real-life example

Here is a typical life example. Male 70 years old, lonely, wealthy, industrious, with a well-established on all views. Here is his standard diet for more than 30 years. 1) Soup with meat, 2) fried potatoes, 3) herring and 4) white bread 5) smoked sausage, 6) cheese, 7) onions, 8) garlic, 9) parsley 10) wine. (Our hero lives in a private house with a large vineyard, vegetable garden). In season strawberries, cherries, cherries, apples, pears, but all in small quantities because the bulk of the fruit is processed into compotes and jams.

So, it looks like the daily diet of our hero. 1) Soup 2) fried potatoes with herring, onion, garlic (onion and garlic count as condiments), and in the summer added 3) fresh tomato salad (our hero is very fond of large pink tomatoes and tomatoes «Ox heart»), cucumbers and onions. That’s all. We counted 10 five products and three dishes. And so our hero with pleasure eats for 30 years (PS: health it does not possess).

Why our food should be varied?

So, why the food on our table should be varied? Because different foods contain different composition and quantity necessary for human health vitamins and minerals, lack of which can lead to various diseases. One expert on nutrition said: «the Key to nutrition is variety of our food which includes all useful nutrients». Our food should be varied, to improve their health.

How to diversify your daily diet?

How to diversify your meager diet? Greatly help in this matter berries, fruits, vegetables and herbs. The high content of vitamins and minerals, low calories make fruit and vegetable dishes indispensable in the diet of any person. But there is a problem. Gardens, vegetable gardens and vineyards bear fruit only in summer and autumn. The use of this vitamin products in a fresh kind (and most useful) short. Besides the berries and fruit in circulation, and most importantly — quickly deteriorate.

How to properly harvest vegetables, fruits and berries for the winter?

So you need to take care of their correct storage and learn how to harvest these products for the winter. How to do it right? It is primarily, dried fruits and berries such as apricots, plums, cherries, apples, pears, hot peppers. Freezing the following products: all kinds of greens, sliced bell peppers, hot peppers, strawberries, raspberries, currants, cherries, pears, apples, green peas, corn and more. Pickling: cabbage, cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, apples.

A balanced attitude to your nutrition and health

Hundreds of thousands of people around the world trying to eat right. And they largely succeed. Take, for strict vegans, who are from the wrong only podparyvajut or stewed vegetables. Well, the top of proper nutrition is crowned, of course — the raw food diet. But, despite all Herculean efforts, so far no one has perfect health. In that case, why not be reasonable and balanced: on the one hand not to be completely indifferent to their style of food, and on the other hand — and not too worried, obsession with food? Excessive or fanatical interest in nutrition or health in General can lead us to what we will lose our sanity and miss more important in his life.

For example, the Bible cannot be called a food guide, but it 1) describes the initial standard food the very first people (Genesis 1:29,30) and 2) helps balanced treat that is connected with our health.

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