Why is weight worth losing weight and doing sports?

Weight is with weight loss and after some time after weight training. After all, everyone thinks that if you play sports, then the weight should go away. Why an effective method of losing weight — sports and proper nutrition do not give results on the scales. Let’s see what factors can influence the creation of such a situation.

The first factor that affects weight stability is that muscles are much heavier than fat. This means that a small amount of muscle building replaces a sufficiently large amount of fat mass. In this case, you should not believe the scales, you need to measure the volume of the waist, hips, chest every four or five days. It is advisable to record everything, and after a while you will notice that the volumes are leaving, which, in principle, is what we need. This factor is the main one, everyone should lose weight with this method and it is correct, balanced.

But the weight is when losing weight and playing sports and because of other negative factors.

1. Excessive efforts in nutrition — girls are ready for anything to lose weight !!!

Weight is for weight loss and exercise.
Too strict a diet leads to a slowdown in metabolism. You already don’t eat anything, and the weight is in losing weight, moreover, the body still manages to postpone the “stock”. This happens and not rare! The body is not a fool, when it understands that the «war for survival» has come, it will reserve for more difficult time. If you want to lose weight and get rid of fat only, do it smoothly, reduce the diet partially, without causing stress to the body.

Also look at your workouts. Science has proven that excessive exercise stimulates appetite and encourages you to consume more sweet and fatty foods.

Work out with moderate intensity and enjoy healthy and tasty food at home that will not only boost your mood, but also build your muscles.

2. Reverse — insufficient effort to reduce weight.

Why is weight worth losing weight and doing sports?

Many girls think, well, I’ve bought a card in fitness or I’ll just go on a diet and the whole process is started. The body is a very complicated thing, and requires more attention from you. Only well-designed workouts, proper nutrition and compliance with the regime will give you the final, desired result.

3. Fluid retention in the body as a mask of weight loss.

Weight fluctuations due to such a delay can reach about 1-2 kg per day or more. This may be in the following situations:

— Eating too salty and spicy food. Remember: 1 gr. salt retains 100 ml of water, that is, 10 g. will delay a whole liter. To make it clear, 10 gr. salt is contained in a small dried fish weighing 100 grams.

-Alcohol consumption. To neutralize alcohol and its decay products, the body needs water.

-Physiological fluid retention in women two to three weeks before the next menstruation. Here, weight fluctuations can be very significant and reach 3-5 kilograms.

— Retention of fluid in connection with edema overtrained from unaccustomed muscles. This condition can occur after unexpectedly taken excessive exercise.

A few tips to monitor your weight:

— look at the scales, whether they are working;

— weigh yourself in the morning, preferably after the toilet. At this time, you are as close to true weight;

— Try to weigh yourself without clothes. Clothing also has weight.

In conclusion, I would like to wish you success in achieving the goal and say that you should never fall into despair if your business has suddenly slowed down, as you think. Take a look at your actions, look for mistakes, think about what you are doing wrong. I hope that my article will help you figure it out and get the desired result. Good luck !!!

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