Why girls need gym?

Why girls need gym?

What’s the best way to lose weight? How to live a healthy life? How to normalize the pressure? How to get rid of depression? How to reduce blood sugar? All this, and not just training in the gym.

1.This is the best way to get rid of excess body fat.

Let’s see, where to burn fat? The correct answer is mainly in the mitochondria of muscle cells. Therefore, the more muscle a person has, the better he «burn» fat. Because even at rest muscles are «wasting» calories, the metabolism will be much faster and will be easier to maintain your body in the right form life. Remember, dear ladies, muscle is Your «fat-burning machine».
As a coach, I often hear from women «I don’t want to be.» And show on a poster in the hall or on the client really preparing to compete in women’s body fitness».

Let’s understand: can an ordinary woman, working for yourself, become kulturistki? Many women don’t even suspect what a huge amount of work necessary to carry the athlete to develop the body. Plus without a pharmacy here, too, is not complete. Be smarter, don’t let the magazines and videos on the Internet fool you.
Girls come into the room with the confusion about its physiology. First of all you should understand that there are a number of peculiarities of the female body, which will not be masculine.

Men release the hormone called testosterone. Thanks to him, the man, by training, able to gain muscle mass. Women have this hormone too, but in very small amounts (about 5 times less than men). Here is the first reason why woman, as it was not engaged intensively, you will not be able to quickly build muscle and will never achieve such amounts of muscle as men. Those men who decided to «pump up» for yourself or preparing to compete in bodybuilding, taking anabolic steroids. That’s why in the gym you can meet people with bulging muscles and veins like steel cables. Ie, they take and raise your testosterone many times, compared to the norm. Also women who want to be on stage, too, «we sit on the chemistry.» But it’s not about You? Right. So do not be afraid of the gym and think that You will percocetas. You can just make a conclusion not to take steroids.

There is another difficulty: to build large muscles require long muscle bellies and short tendons. As a rule, even the majority of men who do not have congenital genetics do not have such options, not to mention women. So, dear women, the odds of this is genetics, is very small.The bones of a woman are thinner, and, in principle, the body is not able to hold large muscle masses. A relatively wider pelvic region (the main role of a woman is carrying a child) compared with the male structure, as a rule, will not allow a woman to look broad-shouldered.
There are significant differences between the male and female psyche. Often, a woman’s rejection from training with simulators is associated with her desire to be feminine, requiring protection, and a misconception that weight training will make her rude. Make no mistake, you are very strong and beautiful (strength and beauty are a delightful combination in the female body).

  2. Training will make you more flexible.

When we are born, then all of our joints and limbs bend with incredible ease, in old age we seem to “village” and our mobility is enslaved. Tell me, do you want to complain to everyone how they “ripped off” your back in the country? There is a way out — start training.

3. This hated cellulite will be removed.

I think it makes no sense for women to explain what cellulite looks like? This defect is found not only in overweight women, but also in thin women with low muscle mass.
In fact, cellulite is when the ratio of fat to muscle mass is greater towards fat. In the human body, first comes the bone, then the muscles, on top of the muscles is the fat layer, and then on top of the skin. I offer you another option — bone, muscle, a thin layer of fat (yes, you heard right, because a woman needs fat to create hormones), and then the skin. It looks much more attractive.

4. There is an increase in bone density.

Unfortunately, with age we not only lose muscle tissue, but also bone, hence the risk of fracture significantly increases.
In women with age increases the risk of osteoporosis (when bones become hollow). Yes,forgot to remind you about part of the modern trauma – hip fracture, after which people will forever remain chained to the bed. Through classes at the gym, bone density increases.

5. The body will be more toned and the skin tightened.

Muscle its structure is more dense than fat. Just remember the horror that I have to see, conducting training in the gym: flabby triceps. So if you don’t want to be like «walking test», gain muscle mass.
As for the skin, thanks to the good circulation during exercise improves trophism (nutrition) of all tissues.

6. Exercises help to reduce blood sugar.

Resistance training is the best helper in the prevention of diabetes. Even if diabetes has You have, then training will reduce the sugar (tested on many athletes).
I’m not talking about the fact that classes with weights, the speed of passage of food through the intestines increases. Or do You not know that people after 60 years, regularly go to the pharmacy for laxatives? Know, constipation affects about every third after 60.

8. The development of endurance.

Perhaps each was faced with such a situation, when the Elevator is not working and need to rise up to the top floor. Or when you are late, and see that your bus is at the bus stop, starting to make the leap for good luck. What are the further consequences? Heart palpitations and shortness of breath? Right.If you want Your heart regain their normal heart rate for a short time – will help You endurance training (examples of such training, see relevant section).

9. Good posture is just guaranteed.

By strengthening back muscles your posture will be Your calling card. I am often the training is attended by people with scoliosis, slouching, with intervertebral hernias. Want to scare You – hernia have almost all people, just many people do not know about them or don’t feel.
The main causes of the hernia: heavy weight, injury , harmful work , weak back muscles (and looking at some of their complete absence). Saying that training the back muscles is the best prevention is our main shaft of the spine.

10. The admiration of men and envy of women.

You know that the reason for the success of many successful people is that they are confident? Confidence is directly proportional Your appearance.My dears, if you are satisfied with yourself and your ideal figure, then you are simply guaranteed success in EVERYTHING! At work, a promotion awaits, a devoted man will admire you, you can finally buy in the store that dress that you have long dreamed about, you will not be ashamed to appear on the beach and, oh God, it’s nice to see the enthusiastic looks of other men. Let the chubby peers bite their elbows to the side.

12. Correction of body proportions.

Of course, a serious correction is not possible without building a specific muscle mass in the places where it was scarce. But we are not talking about going beyond natural proportions, and competent training will never spoil the attractiveness of Your body, but on the contrary will give the possibility to emphasize them and hide those flaws that set the anatomical structure of the skeleton and can not be corrected by training.

If nature gave You well-developed shoulders, or, conversely, heavy bottom, then working with weights, You will be able to successfully correct their deficiencies through targeted development of certain muscle groups. To «reduce» the pelvis, you need to lose excess fat and increase the size of the deltoid muscles, thus visually reducing the imbalance of the body. Legs will look slimmer if it is good to develop the muscles of the front and back of the thighs. Visually, the legs will look more thin. The calf muscle is, to a large extent defines the beautiful shape of the lower body, well trained and drastically changes the shape of the foot as a whole. (but please, without fanaticism).

13. You will have a long and healthy life.

You will be able to prolong his life.With age, if you do not exercise, the number bystrosokhnuschie fibers is reduced by 50% and the number of medlennotverdejushchie fibers 25%. Briefly explain – in General, in our body there are two main types of muscle fibers. There are fast fibers – they are mainly used when we carry out the work at maximum force (for example – a sharp rise from the chair , if you take the sport – sprint) And have slow muscle fibers is included when we perform a reasonable job for a long period of time without interruption (example – holding the package in hand, walking out of the store, in relation to the sport – the marathon distance) Figured out a little? Generally, when we get older, it occurs to a greater extent atrophy (loss) of fast muscle fibres – that’s why we see an elderly person it is difficult to get up from the chair. But thanks to the training in old age You will be smarter and more active their peers. Who doesn’t dream of a dignified old age?

14. A great memory.

With age, our body increases the amount of homocysteine – a substance that when a large increase destroys a wall of the endothelium (of the vessel). In place of gap deposited cholesterol and calcium and may eventually form atherosclerotic plaque. Not only that, it can lead to heart attack, stroke, and dementia neighborhood, and Alzheimer’s (by the way this disease and is associated with increased homocysteine levels).Particular attention should be paid to homocysteine ​​levels: coffee lovers, smokers and alcohol abusers.

Sport, on the other hand, reduces the amount of this substance, and your head will always be fresh and you will not be threatened to hear phrases like «Yes, you senility, mother» from your children. In addition, memory will improve, this is due to the concentration of attention on training — because the rate of excitation of nerve cells in the brain will not pass without a trace in ordinary life.
So, the bottom line — classes in the room are needed and useful. Are you still here ?! March to training, for a beautiful figure!

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