Why do I need a sports bra for fitness

When going to do fitness, the vast majority of women primarily buy a beautiful and comfortable tracksuit, but at the same time completely lose sight of such a thing as a sports bra. Meanwhile, this is the same necessary accessory as high-quality sports shoes.
With active sports, the skin and internal fibrous tissue are stretched. But they do not possess spring elasticity and therefore cannot return to their original form. As a result, instead of an ideal figure — sagging breasts. This is especially true for women with a large bust. Therefore, it is not worth neglecting a sports bra that supports and pulls off the chest.

How sports bra is different from usual.

There are two types of sports bras:
— compressive (press the chest to the chest). Such a bra is suitable for a woman with a breast size of 70-75A for practicing any kind of sports, as well as for a woman with a breast size of 75-80B, if she faces minor sports loads;
— supportive (support the chest, like a normal bra). This type of bra is designed for those who do not fall into the first category.
A sports bra does not support breasts at the expense of strapless. It evenly distributes the weight of the chest, pressing it to the chest or supporting it. Due to this, the amplitude of the movements of the chest during training is significantly reduced. The straps are wide, there are no «bones», and in some models there are no fasteners. Such underwear is made of a special material that allows the skin to breathe and absorbs sweat well. A properly sized sports bra fits perfectly during active training movements and does not rub the skin.
There are sports bras on the market with varying degrees of support, designed for different physical activity. So, a bra with soft support is useful for doing yoga, Pilates or callanetics. Average support will be needed for basic aerobics or strength training. Well, strong support is needed for those involved in running, step aerobics, capoeira or tai-bo.

How to choose a sports bra.

When choosing a sports bra, pay attention that all the seams are covered with a lining and do not pass through the nipple. The fastener should be at the back, all metal parts (including hooks) are covered. The straps should be wide and not slip off the shoulders. The fabric should not cause allergies and should be at least 50% cotton to reduce scuffing and provide good ventilation. In addition, the use of rubber bands is not encouraged in the product.
Often come across sports bras, which, even with a normal cup size, are so tight that it is impossible to squeeze into them. Therefore, do not neglect fitting, even if «by eye» it seems to you that the bra will fit normally.
And another very important point. Wear a sports bra only for training, do not wear it daily. The chest should not be in a compressed state for a long time. This threatens to disturb circulation, stagnation of the lymph and other unpleasant things.
Even if your breast size does not allow you to engage in certain sports, do not deny yourself completely in physical activity. A sports bra will significantly help you with this.And remember that with regular and active sports, the mammary gland “merges” into the motor process, thereby avoiding lymphostasis and mastopathy.
And finally — useful advice. To keep your sports bra as long as possible «salable», use these simple recommendations for caring for it:
— wash white and black, color and plain linen separately;
— Hand wash — best. If you wash in a car, select the «Delicate wash» mode and use special bags for washing;
— do not use detergents, use special liquid detergents for washing.
Well, of course, do not forget about rinsing agents and conditioners. They make the laundry soft and give it a pleasant aroma.

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