What you need to know when attending classes in the gym

It is worth starting with how to choose the right clothes for classes in the gym. The most important detail is the shoes. It is better to use solid soles for training, you should forget about flip flops and sandals, flip flops. What can I say — even ordinary sneakers will not work. A small heel (up to 0.5 cm) will help, which will facilitate the implementation of squats. Ankle sneakers are best suited. So, the grip of the sole and floor will be strong, and you can protect your leg from a dumbbell accidentally falling on your leg.

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Another point is the choice of t-shirts. It is best to prefer a sleeveless T-shirt to a T-shirt, which will not hamper movement. Wear bandages and bandages? Only when you have been training for a long time and have already become the owner of problems with ligaments or joints. Wearing bandages only because it is so beautiful, is not necessary — extra details are useless.
Drinking during classes in the gym is a separate conversation. You can and should drink, but correctly. So, you need to drink water in small sips and a little, between sets. Pay attention to the fact that water must be without gas. Take a towel, shower gel and other necessary bathroom accessories with you to practice, so that after class you can put yourself in order.

The most common question that people ask trainers is: “how to pump up a beautiful, perfect press?”. It is not strange, but a good press is ninety percent of a good diet, not classes. Performing exercises on other muscles, your abs is already involved quite intensively. Therefore, you do not need to load it again, you just need to perform some exercises for the press at the beginning of the training, and eat right.

The issue of nutrition is one of the most important at the stage of creating a beautiful body. Remember one thing: before lunch, you eat carbohydrates in the form of vegetables and fruits, potatoes. After lunch, you can eat squirrels (meat and fish, eggs and milk). It is best to break your main diet into six meals, drink plenty of water, which should be cold.

Some tips for those who want to go to classes in the gym

1. Start practicing with a coach, because only he will tell you what it is worth working on. Trainers see what an ordinary person in his body may not see — trust a professional, and only then, when you develop a system, do it yourself.
2. If for your girlfriend or friend, the trainer has drawn up a training program, this does not mean that it will suit you either. Each person is unique and each of us has its own requirements, limitations and features in the process of playing sports. Therefore, it is important to remember an individual, thorough approach.Relying on someone’s experience, you can do yourself a lot of harm.
3. It is always necessary to work comprehensively, on all muscles. It is foolish to think that if there are problems only in the hips, then exercises should be performed only for the hips. It is necessary to work on the press, and on the buttocks, and on the harmony of the legs. Then the result will be tangible. And do not forget about strengthening the back muscles before pumping up the press. Often, girls in pursuit of a beautiful press, begin to swing it fanatically, forgetting about the back, or, they strain their neck instead of the press. As a result, weakened lower back, back pain and yes, a strong press. Because of this, radiculitis or even pinched nerve endings can occur. The worst thing that can happen is vertebra displacement. You need it? Of course not. Therefore, work on the body comprehensively.
4. Do not go hungry for training! Especially if it is strength training. Have a light meal before class in the gym. So, you will not feel heaviness in your body, and you will be ready for occupation. Forget about hard diets. Eating for a person who is engaged in sports activities should not be less than 1300 kcal per day. You need energy in order to breathe, think and move.
The basic rule that is suitable for all athletes is to do everything “with the head”, thoughtfully. And then, success will definitely come to you!

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