What to do first: aerobics or force exercises?

What to do first: aerobics or force exercises?

A very frequent question to which, alas, there is no single correct answer. If you need to do aerobic complex and force exercises in one day, what of them to perform in the first place?

Today we offer you a selection of several opinions from professional fitness experts. Each opinion is justified and contains advantages and disadvantages of the approach which the trainer takes. In the end, it is up to you to decide what methodology and what advice to follow.

1. In my opinion, it is best to make these two complexes on different days, or one in the morning and the other in the evening. Then you can work out each of them with maximum efficiency and get maximum benefit. If you make them one by one, the quality of performing the second will inevitably suffer (although in this way you can gradually increase your endurance).

If you do not have this opportunity, then prioritize and define goals — both on specific days and for the future. If it is necessary to build up muscle mass, it is hardly useful to do aerobics directly after force training: the more glycogen spent muscles as fuel, the more protein will begin to consume the body in the future. After one hour of intensive training, up to 10% of the energy can be covered by protein, compared to 1-2% in the normal state. This is no longer compatible with the goal of building up muscle mass. To increase muscle strength, after force training the body needs to quickly transition to a «repair and recovery» (anabolic) mode. And for this purpose it is much better to eat than to load the cardiovascular system. It is better instead to do light aerobic exercises before power training. But do not try to carry out intensive force training after an intensive aerobics complex has been carried out — it is not very useful.

If you need to burn fat in the first place and preserve your muscles, performing aerobics after a force workout can be a good strategy. The percentage of energy produced by fat increases significantly for the second hour of the exercise, and since the power training to obtain energy consumes mainly glucose, carrying out the power training before aerobics will also increase the amount of fat then consumed. However, it should also be taken into account that the more fat you spend during the class, the less work you can do — accordingly, the amount of calories consumed will decrease. Your aerobics will likely be less intense and/or lasting than it could be, and that could reduce the percentage of fat burned.

2. Many conflicting opinions can be heard on this issue today. I am not aware of studies that would confirm either order of these two complexes, so I believe that in each case it depends on specific goals and preferences. If your goal is to build up your muscles, it ‘s probably better to work with the burden first. If you want to develop cardiovascular endurance, it is probably more reasonable to start with an aerobic complex of exercises.

If you need to lose weight, I recommend to do aerobics first, as it consumes more calories in the same time. Although burdensome work also contributes to weight loss (and should be a mandatory part of any training program), I would still advise making an aerobic complex while you have more energy and the muscles aren ‘t tired yet. Regardless of the priority chosen, the second set of exercises will be less qualitative (in part), as a large part of the energy has already been spent. Therefore if there is an opportunity, it is best to do aerobics and power training on different days. And at any order of performance do the 5-10-minute warming warm-up before each occupation.

3. The main thing — to do both aerobics, and force exercises and constantly slightly increase load. Not so important, in what order, in what days and in what time. Then you will inevitably constantly improve your physical form. Although my view is that for optimal results it is best to do aerobics and a power complex of exercises on different days, I understand that organizational most people cannot afford it. If you do both complexes in the same day, it ‘s good if you can do them at different times of the day, such as aerobics in the morning, and force training in the afternoon or evening. This approach will allow the body to rest and restore energy reserves by the time the second complex is completed.

However and two trainings a day — for most employed people also unacceptable option. If you want to do both complexes in the same class, you should decide which one contributes more to the achievement of your main goals, and start with it. If you want to lose weight, prepare for the race or improve your overall health, do aerobics first. If your main goal is to increase the volume and strength of muscles, start with power exercises. Two hours before class and an hour after it ends, you must eat. Rationally plan the duration of such a combined class so that you have the strength for each part of it.

Personally I train according to different schemes — on some days first I do aerobics, on other days — power complex, sometimes — each complex on the own day or even two separate trainings on the same day. I like diversity, but I also appreciate the psychological and physical break that occurs when I focus on something one. Changing the schedule and order of the training program is another way to maintain the body in tone, prevent boredom and achieve maximum results.

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