What should be the diet for athletes?

When playing sports, you need to eat a balanced and proper diet so that the body does not lack nutrients. Otherwise, endurance decreases, and during bodybuilding, muscle growth slows down. The energy value and the ratio of BZHU (proteins of fats and carbohydrates) are the main criteria when choosing a menu. The diet for athletes should correspond to physical activity and their intensity, therefore, a sport is also important when choosing nutrition.

What should be the diet for athletes?

How to choose a calorie diet?

What should be the diet for athletes? Professional athletes need an individual selection of daily calories, especially during intensive preparation for and during competitions. For those who decided to simply change their previous lifestyle in favor of sports, it is enough to adhere to general recommendations.

Sports experts determined the general standards for the energy value of the diet per day:

For a healthy man with a normal weight and low physical activity, you need to consume about 2000 kcal per day;
About 1800 kcal are enough for women.

If you want to tone the figure, develop muscle strength or pump up, then you should increase the calorie content by an average of 500 kcal. This is necessary in order to create a profit in the body of energy that it will spend on building muscle mass. The stronger you become, the more energy you will need.

Calorie intake for gymnastics

The types of gymnastics include yoga, stretching, Pilates, as well as performing exercises in water (water gymnastics). Since these sports are aimed at developing body plastics, the optimal energy value of the menu is about 2000 kcal per day with a weight of 40 to 50 kg. If the athlete’s mass reaches 60 kg and there is no obesity, the calorie content of the daily menu can reach 2500 kcal per day. Excess weight requires a smaller diet.

Bodybuilders and the calorie content of their diet

Classes on simulators or with free weight in order to increase muscle mass require increased energy value of the diet. For beginners and amateurs, it is enough to consume 2500 kcal per day to start the process of muscle tissue growth. In this case, it is necessary to control your progress, constantly increasing the load on all the muscles of the body in order to evenly develop strength.

About BZHU

Physically active people must observe the ratio of nutrients in food. The daily norm of each of them is:

Proteins — 150-200 g (poultry, eggs, legumes, low-fat dairy products, dietary beef);
Carbohydrates — 230-250 g (cereals, vegetables, fruits, whole grain bread or bread);
Fats — 90 g (any vegetable oil, fish, seafood, nuts, seeds).

You can independently create a menu, following these recommendations, or order ready-made food Grow Food, which takes into account all the nuances of a rational sports menu. Regardless of your choice, you must follow the general rules of healthy eating in order to feel healthy and full of strength.

Sports Nutrition Rules

A healthy diet for athletes must meet the following criteria:

Regularity — at least five meals with equal intervals between them;
Serving size — during the day they can reach 400 g, and in the evening the portion size should be no more than 200-250 g;
In the first half of the day, it is recommended to consume more calories in the form of carbohydrates with proteins, and in the second, pure proteins with fiber should prevail;
Compliance with the drinking regime — at least 2.5 liters of water per day.

It is also necessary to abandon fried foods, spices, flavor enhancers and try to use only natural freshly prepared foods. Do not forget about regular physical activity, and then the desired result will not be long in coming!

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