What is cheatmeal and how to do it correctly

Cheat meal (cheat meal) is a systematic, planned violation of the established diet diet for weight loss. In other words, this is a controlled breakdown. Many people sitting on strict diets resort to this technique. Cheat-mills make it easier to endure food restrictions the rest of the time, provide psychological relief and a good shake-up in the body, getting used to certain foods.

Why cheatmill?

What are the benefits of a planned breakdown?

The use of «harmful» food that is eaten with this method allows you to activate the thyroid gland.
Cheatmiles help improve the digestive system. The fact is that most foods and dishes that are acceptable for weight loss diets are beneficial for burning fat, but can harm the liver and pancreas. In case of breakdowns, the body receives food rich in fats and carbohydrates, which allows the digestive system to relax from heavy amino acids.
As mentioned above, controlled disruptions are salvation for the psyche. Understanding that there are days when it is possible to eat foods prohibited by diets in any amount, eases restrictions on the diet and foods on other days.

Cheatmeal rules.

What is cheatmeal and how to do it correctly

A breakdown is called controlled, since the use of this method in diets has a number of rules and recommendations that must be followed.

Chitmil requires a relaxed atmosphere. No need to eat while running, nervous, in a hurry. Otherwise, the psyche will not even notice the disruption that has occurred and will continue to remain in a tense state.
Chitmil is an additional meal. Replace them with the main one.
Forget about losing your balance. The indicators will probably exceed the norm, but the next day the results should be positive.
With cheat cheat, you can eat anything, but it is recommended to give preference to foods rich in carbohydrates and proteins. Such a choice should positively affect the acceleration of metabolic processes.
To breakdown, you need to set aside the most suitable day. You can arrange it on a weekend or holiday. Timed to a specific event, the cheatmeal will bring more pleasure.
Avoid overeating. Your digestive system gets used to low-calorie foods during the diet, so a sharp excess of high-calorie foods can cause malaise.
Chitmil applies only to food. Carbonated and alcoholic beverages are not included.
Disruptions can be arranged only until five in the evening. All carbohydrates and fats eaten should be processed before bedtime. The best time for a cheat cheat is lunch. Eating junk food for breakfast is also undesirable, as there is a risk of overeating on an empty stomach.
Chitmil does not require special training. Before it, you do not need to reduce calorie content, and after that — arrange fasting days. A controlled breakdown is part of the diet, and you cannot punish yourself for it.

What to eat

Despite the fact that the cheat cheat seems to allow eating almost everything, in practice this is not entirely true. There are products that it is desirable to consume, but there are those that are not worth looking at. What can you enjoy during a breakdown? You can safely eat:

potato dishes
any other foods that contain fast carbohydrates and low in fiber.

What you do not need to eat

Do not eat fatty foods, as they do not affect metabolic processes. Fats quickly settle in problem areas, which negates attempts to lose weight. Avoid foods that are high in fiber, as they slow down the digestion process. On the day of the breakdown, an extra load is given to the digestive system, therefore, it should not complicate the work of the digestive tract. Fructose and protein products will also be useless with cheatmeal, so focusing on them is not recommended. To relieve cravings for sweets, you can use «Herbalife» Yellow Pills. They contain chromium, which helps to control hunger, and Cambodian Garcinia, which is a source of hydroxycitric acid, stimulates the process of burning fat. To find out how to purchase a product, check out herbalife.ru.

How often can I cheat

What is cheatmeal and how to do it correctly

The frequency of breakdowns depends on how many kilograms you need to lose, for how long, on a lifestyle and daily physical activity. There are three strategies for repeating a cheat meal:

90/10. With this schedule, 90% of the time you need to adhere to a diet, and 10% should be spent on cheat-mills (breakdowns after nine days on the tenth). Such a load is recommended for those who lead an inactive lifestyle and burn few calories daily.
80/20. With this schedule, 80% of the time is devoted to dietary food intake, and 20% to breakdowns. You can allow cheat cheats every four days on the fifth. The mode is suitable for athletes, people leading an active lifestyle. You can also resort to it at the beginning of the diet for those who find it difficult to readjust to the 90/10 schedule.
Cheat day. This is the name of full-fledged boot days, when you can eat junk food that is forbidden by the diet at all meals. The method is suitable for professional athletes and sports-oriented people who have at least 4 workouts per week.

How to do cheat cheat

Avoid home breakdowns. Better go to a cafe or restaurant. This will allow for greater pleasure and psychological relief.
If a cheat cheat is arranged at home, it cannot be combined with sitting at a computer or TV, watching movies or TV shows, games, work. Disruption is the satisfaction of the need for forbidden food, and not the satisfaction of hunger. Plus, watching the same food films eats more, which can lead to overeating.
You need to eat slowly, without rushing, enjoying each dish and a piece eaten.
It is optimal to drink plenty of fluids before cheatmeal. This will avoid overeating.
Chitmil after a good workout is considered a good option, because intense physical activity accelerates metabolism, as a result of which junk food is digested faster.

Mistakes to Avoid

Fear of overeating or gaining too many extra grams provokes many to arrange an overly “clean” cheat. In other words, even at the time when it is possible to eat forbidden food, they avoid it, deny themselves it. It is even possible when the usual portion of food increases. But in the end, it just increases the number of calories eaten. Do not cheat on your own body.
Chitmil is a diet on a normal day. Before and after you should eat as usual. In other words, gatherings in the evening on a weekend in the company of friends and with alcohol do not belong to cheat cheat. Especially if you don’t eat all day before.
Regularity is very important. Forgetting about it, knocking down the schedule and the mode is also a mistake.

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