What is cellulite and how to deal with it?

What is cellulite and how to fight it?

If You in the morning, went to the mirror and saw that the skin on the buttocks and belly, which only recently was comparable to a peach, now similar to an orange, then this article is for You. If You have already tried, or have not yet started to call on ads which promise quick relief from cellulite, then listen to our recommendations. After all, in order to effectively combat cellulite, you must know the enemy «face». So, what exactly is cellulite?

What is it? Cellulite:
How can we not bitter, but cellulite is a skin condition in women aged 20-25 years and it can be exclusively female, men are in this respect fortunate. The skin of the thighs, buttocks, abdomen, shoulders and side body surfaces to become not so smooth like before, it formed a depression, and the older a woman is, the less relief to become the skin. To understand whether You have cellulite or not — guide a simple test. Pinch the skin on the thigh with both hands and view. If the skin looks like «orange peel» is the first sign of cellulite.

There are many methods of treating cellulite. One really helps the other and Vice versa, but the single — cellulite cannot be completely cured. Of course advertising promises to do everything, but is it worth to trust them? Too often you can find absolutely absurd sentences like, «the action of our method tested 30 thousand clients» or «get rid of cellulite for 7-10 sessions»…

Let it sounds corny, but to reduce cellite you need to eat right. The main thing here, not the reduction of calories and the metabolism and removal from the body of harmful products of metabolism. Drink at least two liters of fluid per day. Best green tea, it helps reduce oxidation. You should eat more vegetables and fruits as well as cereals and bread rough

Do some sport, because it normalize the metabolism. The best against cellulite following sports — running, skiing, swimming, tennis, light load at the gym.

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