The decision to go on a diet leads more to despair than a personal desire to make oneself more beautiful. Often, losing weight go too far with the timing and nutrition, sitting down for a short time, limiting oneself to food, and after a diet they start eating, which leads to even more weight gain. Very often, people who come to the gym try to fetch an effective diet from the trainer in order to quickly and quickly lose all unnecessary. After all, it’s easier to eat carrots for a week than to eat properly for a long time and even out your health.

But they forget or do not mean that you can lose weight tasty and beneficial. You can eat delicious salads, fish and even potatoes, and at the same time lose weight. And if all this is combined with exercise, the result will be amazing!

It should be remembered that the body does not forgive evil jokes, and when playing with food, it will present you again lost kilograms, but with a bonus.

First mistake. I want to talk about one very harmful diet, which is considered speedy when losing weight. This is a liquid diet. You only drink water, teas, yogurts, kefir. Girls do not even mean what harm they do to themselves and their stomach! You do not get the necessary vitamins, which causes problems with thinking, movement, a breakdown occurs. Also, the stomach does not work properly, does not receive solid food, which can cause very serious problems, up to an ulcer. And then, when you want to return to normal nutrition, you will not be able to do this because the stomach will hurt, there will be heaviness and other problems. Do not forget that nature gave us teeth in order to chew! The digestion of food that already occurs in the mouth is necessary for the normal functioning of the stomach, and gastric juices! I warn you very much against this diet!

The second mistake. Someone, someone, once said that there is a norm of energy value that must be observed, it is 1200 kcal. That’s bullshit! Each person has his own energy value, which he must observe. It can be subtracted from any table on the Internet. A girl with a height of 1.75 and a girl with a height of 1.50 will never be able to use the same amount of kilocalories. Also, do not forget that sweets are not included in the amount. Only pure products that are healthy and not harmful.

The third mistake. Such rumors are circulating that in order to lose weight quickly, one must dry. This means that you need to limit water consumption per day to 0.5 liters. In no case do this! This is done only by athletes and then during the competition. Do not drive into your head that water increases weight. Our body consists of 80% of water, and if we take this water from it, then this may result in loss of consciousness, or in a hospital bed! Do not torture yourself, and do not make such sacrifices!

Proper nutrition, it is impossible to replace talking about it. So, act and the result will not be long in coming.

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