Vitamin leaders October: sea buckthorn, rosehip and chokeberry

Vitamin leaders October: sea buckthorn, rosehip and chokeberry

Here come October. And with his arrival, you may feel the decline of varieties of fruits and berries, which we had until recently in excess in previous months of the summer and in September. Yeah, October in the availability and accessibility of fruits and berries — it’s still not August. Vegetables October can compare to the rich-August, but fruits and berries, perhaps not. In the month of October of the fruits remain until late apples, pears and quinces. Berries — grapes. Vegetables of course in October — the sea.

Three berries Oct

But in October three very rich vitamins, mineral, in General, very useful berries. The presence of these three berries makes Oct attractive and desired month (we now only take on power line). What kind of vitamin three berries of October? Sea buckthorn, Aronia and rose hips! One more valuable and «vitamina» of the other. Did not immediately know whom to give priority.

Let’s look at these three characters Oct closer.

Sea-buckthorn — berry-garland

Berry-garland — buckthorn is exceptionally rich in vitamins (especially A, B1, B2, B3 and C), flavonoids, folic acid as well as macro and microelements such as silicon and iron. The important content of sea buckthorn — tocopherol (vitamin E), which stimulates all internal organs and endocrine glands.

Range of curative properties of this modest berry is very high — from intestinal diseases to baldness. Berry-garland — an indispensable remedy for sore throat and colds, anemia and exhaustion. Sea buckthorn strengthens the walls of blood vessels, has antioxidant action, improves tissue metabolism, it is able to improve the course of any chronic disease due to the large number of vitamins contained in this berry. In collaboration with vitamin a vitamin E stimulates the immune system. So, for example, the expectant mother is very well for the future of «fill» these substances contained in sea buckthorn.

Many experts consider the most useful sea-buckthorn berries for health.

Rose is a champion of vitamin C

Mature rose hips contain large amounts of minerals (potassium, magnesium, calcium, copper, iron, manganese, cobalt, molybdenum) and vitamins (group C, b, E, K, PP), volatile. (Volatile biologically active substances that suppress or kill the growth and development of bacteria, protozoa, microscopic fungi).

The main advantage of rose hips, a huge repository of it vitamin C. Vitamin C in rosehips is 5-6 times more than black currants, 10 times more than in lemons.

Hips cleans the circulatory system, used for scurvy, liver disease, kidney and bladder.

Aronia is a berry from hundred troubles

Chokeberry (Aronia) for nutrients is far ahead of the Rowan red, and many other berries. It contains vitamins C, B1, B2, P, E, B6, K, beta-carotene, micro and macro elements — iron, copper, manganese, boron, molybdenum, fluorine, and a lot of pectin.

Aronia chokeberry has many healing properties, normalizes arterial pressure, it lowers the level of cholesterol in blood, strengthens blood vessel walls, promotes active expansion of the capillaries and blood vessels, improves their elasticity and suppleness. Therefore, the fruits of Aronia is one of the best natural remedies for the treatment of hypertension. Aronia chokeberry
increases immunity and improves the functioning of the endocrine system.

The use of chokeberry juice activates the function of blood, helps with radiation sickness and bleeding. The juice of Aronia — excellent preventive and therapeutic agent for rheumatism, allergies, impaired digestion, lowered acidity of a stomach, liver, kidneys, gall bladder and diabetes. In short we can conclude that the Aronia berry from hundred troubles!

Here we met with a vitamin leaders October — sea buckthorn, rose hip and Aronia.

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