Very effective and useful for the back exercise «boat»

Very effective and useful for the back exercise «boat»

The most useful back exercises often turn out to be very simple and do not require any equipment, such as the Boat exercise, familiar to almost everyone else from school, or even from kindergarten.

It involves several groups of muscles at once, and quickly helps to make the spine even, strengthen muscles and ligaments, remove pinches and clamps. Today, many bodybuilders include it in their training schedule, and doctors recommend it to young mothers and school children.

What are its features, and how is it so useful for the body?

New wave of popularity
For many years «Boat» was part of a selection of classic exercises of therapeutic physical education for the spine. She was prescribed to correct scoliosis, osteochondrosis, shift discs, strengthen lumbar muscles. Today the exercise is again at the peak of popularity, and it is recommended by leading fitness trainers and orthopaedic doctors.

Bodybuilders and culturalists perform the Boat both at home and in gym rooms. Even when working exclusively with body weight, training offloads back muscles and strengthens the muscle corset, and if you add weighting agents or gantels, you can effectively work biceps, triceps, broadest muscles, build up so-called wings.
In women ‘s bodiflex exercise is used to strengthen the muscles of the press, and besides, it really helps to reduce the volume of the waist, make the stomach flat. The back aligns, the spine pulls out, the woman gains grace.
Often «Boat» is advised to young mothers who constantly wear a child on their hands. Not only does training tighten internal organs, but it also removes pain from the back, prevents the development of spinal diseases.
For children, this exercise is useful in that it forms posture, prevents suture and scoliosis. Children spend a lot of time sitting hanging over gadgets, wearing heavy backpacks to school, and categorically refusing to do morning charging. No trouble, just 5 minutes a day — and plenty of problems will be warned or fixed at an early stage.

Very effective and useful for the back exercise "boat"

A few more useful properties
Despite its simplicity, such training gives a positive result for many systems of the body, normalizes processes, helps to form a beautiful figure.

Joint mobility develops, cartilage tissue production processes are activated;
The cardiovascular system is normalised;
The nervous system is working, as pinches on the spine and neck go away;
The gastrointestinal tract is improved (muscles stretch by making internal organ massages);
The area of solar plexus is strengthened, the umbilical ring becomes in place.
Technology of performance
For Boat exercise to benefit, you need to know how to do it right. One of the most important recommendations is not to rotate the head and neck at moments of tension, as it is possible to damage the cervical vertebrae. Do not hold your breath, breathe dimensionally and deeply. All movements must be smooth.

It is desirable to perform warm-up, warm up and stretch muscles a little before training.

Here are two embodiments:

In this case, the muscles of the hips, back, press and legs work. Exercise is considered the best in the rating of trainings against pain in the back and back.

Lying on the floor on your back, press your hands against the hull.
Put your straight legs together, socks off yourself.
Lift the body and legs at the same time, only buttocks must remain the point of support.
Stay a few seconds and get down smoothly.
Rest for a few seconds and do another 4-5 repeats.

Very effective and useful for the back exercise "boat"

See how to properly perform the boat exercise in the photo. Most often hands are pressed against the body, but you can try and lift them up above your head to complicate the exercise. There are many options, and how to do exactly is not so important. It is only necessary to understand which muscles work to strain and control them, so the effect will be maximum.

The return
The back boat is often found under the name Superman. And really, in such a pose, a man looks like a flying superhero. The initial position is lying on the floor, but already on the stomach. Analog is the giperekstenziya. Tricepses and deltas, lobby gear, big buttock, kambalovidny muscles, muscles of a back part of a hip, and responsible for straightening of a backbone work.

Lie on the floor and relax.
Extend hands forward.
Bend in your lumbar, lifting your arms and legs. Do not bend them, keep them stressed and straight, stretch forward and backward at the same time, as if stretching the spine.
Stay a few seconds.
Have a rest and repeat.

Very effective and useful for the back exercise "boat"

Superman ‘s exercise is incredibly useful for the back, especially if you spend an entire day in sitting work. For inflexible people it can seem difficult, to raise hands and feet so it turns out not everyone. Not scary, enough to start at least by 5-10 cm to tear off feet and palms, over time the spine will get used to stretching, joints will train, and everything will turn out.

Result from exercises
On average, in order to assess the effect, it is enough to exercise within a month. It is desirable to do this regularly, at least in a day, and it is better to include the exercises of Boat and Superman in your morning charging. However, you can also exercise in the evenings, unloading and relaxing the tired spine and muscles around it in a day.

According to reviews, back pain goes away after 5-7 daily classes, flexibility and plasticity appear. By removing the clamps, the nervous system is relaxed, the vessels are free, the blood flows better to the brain. A person feels collected, energetic and active.

You don ‘t need anything but a free section of floor, and perhaps a gymnastics mat or towel, for the class. It means that already today or right now you can try to do both these exercises. You will immediately feel how stressed and stretched the muscles are.

So simple, and so productive!

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