Treadmill Fitness: Tips for Beginner HLS Fans


Weight loss is a rather laborious and lengthy process, which can be accelerated with the help of an integrated approach to this issue. This means that a quick and lasting effect of weight loss can be achieved by combining regular fitness training, good rest and proper nutrition. To get rid of extra pounds, aerobic exercises, in particular jogging, are considered the best, classes which strengthen the body and improve health.

The benefits and advantages of running

Running provides a powerful cardiac load on the body and helps not only to fight excess weight, but also to strengthen the overall health of a person:

During jogging, intensive training of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems occurs, while blood circulation improves and blood pressure normalizes, and the heart muscle strengthens.
Intensive fitness workouts help relieve psychoemotional stress, reduce fatigue, give a boost of energy and help reduce stress.
During the lesson, all the muscles of the body are worked out to one degree or another, although the legs, abs and buttocks are most effectively trained.
A positive effect of running exercises is also getting rid of cellulite, uniform weight loss and the formation of a beautiful fit figure.
To conduct such training is best in the fresh air, running around the nearest park or stadium. If this is not possible, you can use the treadmill. This weight loss has several advantages:

the possibility of training at any convenient time, despite the bad weather and cold season;
when working on a high-quality simulator, it is possible to reduce the compression load on the spine and joints of the legs, which is impossible when running on an asphalt or concrete track;
the ability to control heart rate indicators, see and record the mileage traveled, speed and number of calories burned.

Weight Loss Jogging

Running is a type of physical activity that affects the body in the most natural way and at the same time is very effective in weight loss. To achieve maximum results without harm to health, training should be conducted according to the following rules:

classes should be regular, the optimal frequency of training is 3 times a week;
the best time for jogging is in the morning, just before breakfast, because it is then that fat is burned more actively;
a good effect on weight loss is also brought by cardio loading, carried out immediately after strength training;
the minimum duration of the lesson should be about half an hour, which will ensure effective weight loss;
constantly increase physical activity in one or several ways: increasing the duration of the lesson, the pace of running, or the level of the slope of the canvas;
Along with regular jogging, eat properly and provide the body with a good rest;
to speed up the process of burning fat, do interval training;
Exercise according to a pre-designed fitness program that takes your characteristics and goals into account as much as possible.Treadmill Weight Loss Workout Tips.

During classes on the treadmill, you must adhere to certain rules in order to ensure maximum safety training. The main recommendations for ensuring a comfortable running experience are:

Before starting a run, you should definitely do a good workout, especially for the joints of the legs;
It is recommended to start training with a quick step, gradually accustoming your body to similar physical activities;
to increase the pace of running and the level of difficulty should be gradually, based on their health and degree of preparation;
during training, monitor your heart rate, which should be stable and not exceed 70% of your maximum heart rate;
choose comfortable lightweight shoes with shock-absorbing soles for running;
do not lean on the handrails while moving, which shifts the center of gravity and is fraught with problems with the back;
proper breathing while running is important — if it is uneven, the oxygen supply to the tissues will decrease, blood circulation will deteriorate, fatigue will quickly come, and training efficiency will decrease;
it is not necessary to conduct a lesson in case of poor health, any inflammatory diseases.

Fitness program for beginners.

Treadmill Fitness: Tips for Beginner HLS Fans

Drawing up a fitness program for jogging and working on it helps to discipline yourself, train with the greatest return, constantly increase the load and monitor your progress, which also gives additional motivation. It is especially important for beginners to be guided by such a program and it is best if it is drawn up by an experienced fitness instructor taking into account your level of physical fitness and the tasks set for yourself.

Initially, you should determine at what point your heart rate is higher: while walking or running. In the first case, you can choose the following program for the training:

A 10-minute warm-up that involves slow walking
walking at speeds up to 6 km / h with a slight slope for 5 minutes;
running at a maximum speed of 9 km / h on the same slope for 2 minutes;
running at the highest possible speed for you for 1 minute.

This diagram describes one round of interval training, in total 3-4 should be done.

If your heart rate is higher when running, then you should do this program:

walking at a slow pace — 10 minutes;
running on a flat surface at a speed of 9 km / h for 7 minutes;
brisk walking under a slight slope (2 degrees) for 2 minutes;
2 minutes of fast walking under an increased slope (4 degrees);
walking under even greater incline for 10 minutes.

This pattern should be repeated 2 to 4 times in one workout. Interval training is recommended to be carried out no more than once a week, and the rest of the time to run at a moderate pace for at least half an hour.

With this training regimen, the unprepared body will need sufficient rest and nutrition, so you should sleep at least 7 hours a day and be sure to consume complex carbohydrates.

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