The simulator vibroplatform is an ideal figure

This type of simulator represents a new generation of vibratory massagers, which were used both to combat extra pounds, and for a pleasant relaxing massage. Of course, there are many vibratory massagers for legs, arms, back, etc., but they all have one common drawback — they negatively affect the skin due to friction of the parts of the simulator on the skin.

Vibrating platform

The vibrating platform is devoid of such a drawback. Tests and tests have shown that the effect of vibration in this case occurs directly on the muscles, they strain and pressure on the bone rises. The result is improved muscle tone and bone strength. There is also a positive effect on the tendons, nervous and hormonal systems.
The vibration platform is equipped with a modern computer system with various training plans that can be completed with a pleasant massage that relieves muscle tension. This miracle simulator is used in fitness, sports and physiotherapy due to its high efficiency. As we already said, in the process of training the whole body is involved in it: muscles, bones, tendons and blood vessels, which positively affects the body as a whole. The optimal range of vibration frequencies is from 20 to 60 hertz, which you can configure as you wish.
There are two types of vibration platforms — horizontal and vertical. In the first case, vibration acts directly on the entire surface of the body, and in the second — only on the feet, but the effect on the whole body occurs by affecting reflexogenic points on the feet.

The benefits of training on a vibrating platform.

Vibro-platform is an indispensable tool for those who want to lose weight, get rid of cellulite, correct problem areas or the entire figure as a whole. In addition, it has a beneficial effect on the body, improving blood microcirculation and, as a result, enriches tissues with oxygen. And this, in turn, means an improvement in complexion. It also stimulates the production of collagen necessary for the beauty, youth and elasticity of the skin. Well, and, of course, the positive effect of classes relieves stress and improves sleep.
After spending 10-15 minutes on the vibration platform, you will get the same result as if two hours were running fast, dancing, playing tennis or doing various strengthening exercises. As you can see, the benefits are obvious.
Contraindications for exercising on a vibroplatform.

You can not use the vibration platform during pregnancy, cardiovascular diseases (including the use of pacemakers), thrombosis, tumors or inflammatory processes in the body, problems with the retina, epilepsy or acute migraine.In addition, such activities are contraindicated for those who have recently undergone surgery or have installed an intrauterine device, have diabetes or suffer from an acute hernia, and also have artificial joints.
How to use the vibrating platform
Before you start exercising, make sure that the vibration is evenly distributed throughout the body. In addition, there should not be direct contact between you and the treadmill, or a hard surface (for example, shoes with hard soles). With direct contact, the friction process will be added, which can adversely affect the skin, and when practicing in stiff shoes, the frequency and strength of the vibration are distorted, which will significantly reduce the effectiveness of the workout. That is, for classes, use shoes with soft soles or a special mat, which is included in the package for the vibration platform.
And do not be afraid to experiment with the settings and programs of the simulator. Choose the training option that is optimal for you.
Vibrating platform is a universal simulator that is suitable for both adults and children. Classes at it are extremely useful and require minimal time, which can always be found even with a very busy schedule. In addition, you can engage in your own apartment, almost without distraction from household chores.
The purchase of such a simulator will be a good gift for yourself and the whole family. Using it, you will always be healthy, fit and beautiful.

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