The first time in … gym. Councils of skilled.

The first time in … gym. Councils of skilled.

About what burden to create to yourself from the first classes, exactly nobody will determine, because all people are different. However, despite disputes and differences among doctors, life has long worked out its rules. The main principle of training sessions — DO NOT HARM! That ‘s what we ‘re talking about.

1. First of all, meet the maintenance staff.

2. On arrival at the club say hello to the duty officer on the hall and with a smile on his face wish him good health.

3. The workplace on which you are going to study should have a special coating on the floor, protecting against injuries and bruises. The air in the room should be fresh. However, avoid being on the through.

4. When choosing the next new simulator, first carefully examine the instructions on the rules of its use. Pay special attention to precautions to avoid injuries during training. If the instruction is not available, contact your administrator or instructor to tell them about the features of the simulator.

5. Be attentive and polite to those around you. If someone wants to work on the same exercise machine, as you, — agree with it about consecutive replacement.

6. In case of a conflict and any questions related to the organization of the lesson, contact your administrator. Try to be reserved. Do not allow the breakdown of bad mood on visitors. Remember they ‘re all your friends.

7. During classes drive away from your head all bad thoughts. Focus entirely on performing the exercise. At the same time, be careful and careful about your neighbors. Make sure that your actions do not cause injury to yourself and others.

8. Conduct the lesson on the principle — from simple — to complex, gradually. At first warm muscles. Start the warm-up with your head. Then go to your hands, next to your feet, and finally the torso as a whole (tilts, turns, press). For all -10-15 minutes.

9. Do not hurry to give the body heavy loads from the first visits to classes. Add them gradually. First repeat each movement 8 times. Then, in a month, 12. In 2 weeks, 16. Then some exercises can increase to 24, 30 or more times. On the discretion. As long as you ‘re comfortable.

10. After each exercise, take a little respite, a few seconds to move your breath. It is also necessary to listen to the work of your heart, to listen to the pulse.

11.On completion of work on the simulator, please clean the work place: remove pancakes from the rod and put them in a specially assigned place, put the gants on the rack, etc.

12.В the event of an injury, contact the instructor without delay.

13. If during the class the feeling deteriorated sharply, immediately stop training and also contact the instructor. Pressure and pulse must be measured.

14. During stay in fitness club with children do not allow their uncontrolled behavior.

15. After class, at least within an hour try to refrain from harmful habits.

16. Before leaving the sports club check availability of documents, money, keys and mobile phone in pockets. Say goodbye to the maintenance staff and go to the exit.

In conclusion, these rules are not dogma. They may be modified and added by some paragraphs. Because all people are different. Everyone has their own features. So — add for yourself. But in general they are suitable.

Work on yourself and be healthy!

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