The best home fitness equipment

Which is better — a fitness club, or a home gym? The latter option is preferable for busy people. But, before you purchase a home exercise machine, answer a number of questions. And then you will understand what kind of home fitness club your home should have.

Fitness equipment for the home Why are you doing this — in order to lose weight, or gain muscle mass, or both?

How often are you going to train? Look — how much free time the work will leave for you, the same meetings with friends and so on.

And how many family members will be involved? Their weight is also important, which will help when choosing a simulator.

How many square meters will you give under your home gym? Buy stationary or folding? And finally, how much do you have when buying a gym?

After receiving answers to these questions, you can go to the store. Consult with a fitness instructor who is better aware of the strengths and weaknesses of sports equipment.

Just assessing the appearance of a home exercise machine is not enough. Work out in the store for several minutes on different simulators. By the way, purchasing it via the Internet will cost 20% less. If we talk about television stores, the quality of the equipment presented in them leaves much to be desired. And advertising is not true.

Do you want to spend money on the purchase of a home fitness machine wisely? Know that they are sold in 3 types. The first option, as a rule, is most often found in fitness clubs for intensive commercial use, the second is used in small office gyms for non-intensive commercial use, and the third is used for home use.

It is clear that professional simulators are more perfect and durable. For example, a commercial treadmill with an engine of 3-4 horsepower continuously runs for at least a year in active mode. Which is quite justified, since dozens of applicants apply for it in the club every day.

The treadmill has a power of 1.5-2, 75 hp, it consumes as much energy as an electric kettle. But you will not exploit it every minute at home? Therefore, you can save on the power of a home treadmill.

Today in the fitness equipment market there is a strict international certification scheme. Efficiency and safety guarantee only compliance with the standards and the best home fitness equipment. And for the home trainer, multifunctionality as well as relative compactness, as well as ease of transportation, are no less important.

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