The best diet for weight loss

The best diet for weight loss

How many people today are trying to master the art — «eat from the belly and at the same time not get fat.» Yes, this is an insoluble task: to push into yourself four thousand kilocalories per day (per day, since you get up to eat already at night) and at the same time do not change your wardrobe every six months more. You noticed that in recent years, our people have not just gotten corrupted (many still think that fullness is a sign of security), but also thoroughly fixated on food. No matter how trite it sounds: they made a cult of food. But the body can not be fooled by sophisticated excuses (and the scales, too, unlike the husband) — it is overgrown with fat and cellulite, and the weight is rapidly approaching a three-digit number. And now your appearance and health are knocked down, and you are depressed. You say to yourself once again: “I’m happy, I’ll pull myself together and sit on a diet!” But you have already tried so many different diets that your optimism is not the same. But still there is a diet that you most likely have not tried. This is a raw food diet. Why does a raw food diet really work?

Firstly, a raw food diet thoroughly cleanses the entire body. And the garbage in each of us (especially when it has passed the «equator») is like in that tank. In the large intestine alone, ten to twenty kilograms of fecal stones, worms and other dirt are “stored”. Lungs, bronchi, maxillary sinuses — everything is clogged with fluid, mucus, pus. Fat is not fuel, but “capsules” into which our rational body seals harmful waste. And all of the above is weight and volume. If we carry out a general cleaning inside our body, then it will loose and painlessly lose … eleven kilograms. Everyone knows that it is vegetables and fruits, possessing fiber, that are a natural “broom” that in three months (subject to 100 percent raw food diet) will cleanse you and save 12-20 kilograms of internal garbage accumulated over the years of malnutrition. The fact that you will simultaneously receive a bonus in the form of a general healing of the body, I will not say (since any real treatment always begins with cleaning the body of internal rubbish debris). Previously, every cutlet you eat, every pie or chocolate bar polluted you, after which you went to Morshin, Truskavets or Essentuki and cleaned it up somehow. And now you eat an apple, carrot, pumpkin, beetroot and peel easily, naturally, reliably and at the same time there is no need for expensive Mirgorod and Pyatigorsk.

Secondly, a raw food diet protects a person from the scourge of our time — overeating. How exactly? Let’s imagine: you are not eating the first dish and the second with the salad, but only a large portion of the salad.Well, how much can you eat raw vegetable salad? Obviously, the volume is less than on traditional food. Obviously you will not cross in this case. And how many calories are in fresh, raw vegetables and fruits, even though you eat them without restriction? A small amount compared to bacon, fried potatoes, smoked mackerel, grilled chicken and dumplings with mayonnaise. On live plant foods you will not get fat in contrast to the traditional «balanced diet». Do not overeat — we do not stretch the stomach, you want to eat less, and as a result we eat less. Do not overeat — and do not get fat.

Thirdly, the very quality of food in a raw food diet is fundamentally different. If boiled and fried animal proteins and fats of the generally accepted “balanced diet” irritate the body’s taste buds and form many unhealthy habits, overload all organs and tissues of the body, then living plant food does not saturate with empty heat-treated calories, but with vital vitamins, macro and microelements in natural the form that carries man energy and life. And energy and life are harmony and leanness. Where did you see the obese raw foodist?

As a result. Completeness is an indicator that a given person’s diet is not adequate. Excess fat in the human body is unnatural initially. Evidence? In the animal world, all individuals of any species of the same size and normal fatness — take, for example, a deer, giraffe or lion. In the wild, animals are not obese. But our domestic cats, dogs, pigs — as much as you want. Because they are forcibly transferred by a person from a natural, specific diet to human food. Even if animals gobble up on a “human” diet, it is not surprising that humanity has been overwhelmed by the epidemic of obesity. And further. You can imagine that the first man Adam was created by a fat God, with a big belly and a double chin. This, not at any gate …

So, in the fight against excess weight, try this time a natural, natural diet introduced by God himself in Eden, a raw food diet that heals and reliably relieves extra pounds.

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