Strength training for women.

There are a lot of videos and training articles for women. But it’s not always written that training should be tailored to your physiological properties. How should strength training for women be made up? Let’s understand, and in general, weight training makes you think and analyze a lot, so get used to it.

Strength training for women.
The female body is very different from the male, both in terms of the content of the hormone testosterone, which is much less in the female body, as well as in the consumption of glycogen in the muscles. These are two components that are necessary for muscle growth and development. Well, in addition, nature gave us the ability to store fat much easier than the strong half does, and the female body is much harder to part with it. As you can see, mother nature gave women not the best. But let’s take advantages from all this and find a way for an effective method of losing weight.

The first rule in the classroom for the girl is the number of repetitions in the approach should be at least 15 times and such approaches should be at least 4. This is due to prolonged waste of muscle glycogen. Men tend to quickly spend glycogen reserves and they need 8-10 repetitions to achieve failure. This will not work with the girls, the girl will always stop two or three approaches to failure, since she cannot lift weights and drive herself so hard. And if you train like men, I think you will stagnate and there will be no progress.

The second rule — rest should be no more than 40 seconds between sets, no more than 2 minutes between exercises. If you rest too long, then again, training will not be effective. This is due to the fact that the female body is much more resilient, and quickly recovers between sets and exercises.

The third rule, it probably also applies to men — do not chase the scales, the main thing is to hone the technique of doing the exercises. Learn to give a load exactly to the muscle that you are doing the exercise on, and with the wrong technique, the load will dissipate throughout the body and there will be no progress.

The fourth rule — muscle training for women should not be monotonous. What does this mean? Of course, you should not come up with new exercises for every workout. You need to adhere to the following tips:

— Change the number of repetitions;
— Change the number of approaches;
— Change the sequence of exercises;
— Change the style of the exercises (apply statics and dynamics);
— Alternate days of work on strength and muscle development.
Perhaps all the tips for compiling workouts. Yes, probably too much, but try to take all this into account and then you will achieve the result in the shortest possible time.But I want to say, everything that you would not do, nutrition during training for women is the most important thing. Muscles grow with rest and the right material for recovery. Remember this.

The basics of drawing strength training for women on muscle gain and body workout.

Do basic exercises. Do squats with a barbell, bench press lying, leg press and so on. In such exercises, the main muscle groups of the whole body are involved, and not an isolated muscle. If the coach forces you to do only the simulators — chase him in the neck. Exercise machines for drawing and working out muscles. If you don’t have them yet, what are you going to draw there.

Divide the training process. Choose the days when you will do strength training for one muscle group (back, chest, legs) and when you will fully work out the whole body. Let’s say 3 days a week is power, and between them is functional.

Do not train backward muscles more than once a week. The fact that you will exhaust them with training, they will not become better. On the contrary, you will only burn them, not allowing them to fully recover.

I would like to advise for completion. Lead a healthy, active lifestyle and outside the walls of the hall. Love other sports, maybe not so thoroughly, but as a time to meet friends. Go girls for massage, take various baths, all this will serve you for the good to achieve your goal.

In addition to everything, I want to attach a video where Denis Borisov makes it clear which female body and how it needs to be trained, and how important it is to eat right.

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