Step or step aerobics

Ladies, do you want your body to be more slender and plastic, and your legs should be in perfect shape? Then welcome to the most effective area of ​​aerobics, to classes in step aerobics!
What is it? The word «Step» in translation from English means a step. So, step aerobics. The American Gene Miller came up with such aerobics in 1989. Once this strong woman had a serious knee injury, for her recovery she used the steps in her own house. The champion went up and down daily. It was thanks to this that she recovered and regained her lost athletic form.

Eight reasons to start step aerobics:
1. Step aerobics is insanely simple, all you need is just to walk. And to do this not on numerous steps, but only on one step platform. The height of such a platform is from 15 to 30 cm. The width should be such that two of your legs fit freely on it.
2. Just think, a standard workout on step aerobics lasts about 50 minutes, and during this time you lose 250-400 calories. It is advisable to start practicing with 20-minute workouts, gradually increasing them to 50 minutes, so that your body gets used to such loads.
3. For this type of aerobics, you do not have to buy a bunch of bulky exercise machines, all you need is a step bench, a couple of dumbbells, a ball and the most important desire to do.
4. Step aerobics is a very fast way to lose weight in the waist! Although, nevertheless, the most important part of the body to be trained will be the legs, which will gain relief slenderness and elasticity.
5. This is not only useful, but also fun, because every step movement is accompanied by rhythmic music, but not every track is suitable here. It is best to choose music consisting of 3 phases of 32 measures. It is suitable for dance aerobics.
6. You can do step aerobics both with the group and on your own. Naturally, if you are a beginner, then of course it is better to go to a sports club where experienced coaches will teach you the correct and effective movements and a nice bonus is new, and sometimes useful, acquaintances, meetings. Also, classes in step aerobics in the group gives a good emotional mood.
7. The result of regular, intense training will be visible in a month and a half or two. You will experience a feeling of lightness.
8. Another advantage of the step is that you do not pump up a pile of huge muscles in completely unnecessary places, but simply acquire a graceful posture and athletic body.
As for clothes, for training, it can be anything, if only it would be convenient for you. The only thing that you really should not wear is a warm sock and leggings so that your legs do not sweat and you do not get overheated. Particular attention should be paid to fitness shoes, it should fit your foot tight so that you do not accidentally tuck your foot. Good, standard sneakers are fine.
The popularity of this trend in gymnastics is growing rapidly. Now step aerobics is an independent sport, and even competitions began to be held in it. This is a rather colorful and interesting sight. Recently, children’s step aerobics has even begun to appear.
It’s nice to look at people involved in this sport, their bodies are in perfect shape, they move clearly and beautifully. Therefore, dear girls, women, if you want to be the owners of a chic figure, elastic buttocks and slender legs, arrive in a good mood, be always healthy, then run to the gym to sign up for aerobics classes!

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