Starting to temper

Begin to harden

Hardening trains the body’s defenses and prevents the disease. Developing progress driven modern man in such hothouse conditions that his body has lost the ability to defend themselves even from innocuous environmental influences.

The cold causes even a slight draft or feet soaked in the rain. All this is connected with weakening of immunity, in consequence of progress and urbanization. In order to prepare the body to various weather conditions, it is necessary to strengthen the body’s ability to adapt to changes in temperature and humidity. Types of zakalivanii there is a great variety here and the rubdown, dousing, bathing in summer and winter.

Hardening is primarily due to benefit, but not harm. Each type of hardening has its own algorithms, contraindications and limitations. Before you start hardening, you should consult with your doctor. Hardening is mainly required to protect the body from possible diseases, but not to provoke them. So before beginning procedures, you should make sure that it will bring only benefits to your body.

Starting the process of tempering does not run to extremes, and that many, just reading a couple articles, start trying to imagine all the types of hardening: put my feet in the icy water, jump in the hole, to do the wiping snow. This approach is very frivolous and may result in pneumonia. It is best to start tempering with the most simple of procedures, eventually increasing the duration and dosage.

Of course it is impossible to perceive hardening as a single procedure. Significant benefits they can bring, with proper and balanced approach. As well as to every serious matter, tempering is best approached with full responsibility, or even to drop it. If you feel that is regular tempering procedures, then better to just a little review your lifestyle, changing it in a healthy way: go to the sea or river, more walk through the streets, while the house periodically ventilate the room. This all together will bring much more benefits than a single attempt of tempering.

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