Sports nutrition for women: fat burners, proteins.

Sports nutrition for women, is sports nutrition harmful? How to eat sports nutrition? It seems that this question is asked by everyone who begins to lead an active lifestyle. Sports nutrition is an integral part of an effective method of losing weight and gaining muscle mass for girls.

In some cases, girls really do not need to take sports nutrition. Girls, as a rule, do not chase large volumes of muscles, and to acquire the desired figure, natural resources should be quite enough. But this is all so if you can eat 6 times a day, while observing proper nutrition for girls and women, consume 2 grams of protein per kg of your weight, eat the “right” carbohydrates to restore and provide energy to the body. Our daily routine, work, lack of sleep, often do not give such an opportunity. If your training plan is 3-4 times a week, you will not have time to recover, and your muscles will not acquire the desired shape. But with this option, sports nutrition is just what we need.

For example, if a woman is satisfied with the weight of her body, but I would like a clearer relief — you can get a protein (isolate). And use it at 100 grams per day (one scoop 2 times a day). This will help your muscles recover faster and grow better without gaining fat.

If you want to add a few kg in weight, but it doesn’t work out at all, it is better to take a gainer (protein-carbohydrate mixture).
Carbohydrates will help you recover faster after training. Since girls are easier to tie fat with men, you need to be careful with gainers, since most of these mixtures consist of fast carbohydrates. If you are hard to gain weight, buy a gainer with a percentage ratio of proteins and carbohydrates 50% to 50%. If you take 100 grams of gainer per day, then you will get the optimal dose for recovery and at the same time do not tie fat, respectively, observing a balanced diet.

When compiling a diet for an effective method of losing weight, sports nutrition is also necessary. You work out with weights, you need to consume more proteins to prevent muscle burns, and less carbohydrates to lose weight. In this case, it is definitely not a gainer, or even a protein, it is best to take a whey protein isolate. The isolate does not contain no carbohydrates, no fats, well, or less than one gram, but its price is very “substantial”.

Proteins were originally created for mass gain, but fat burners were created specifically for weight loss. I want to say that even if you have enough money to buy all sports nutrition, training and a properly composed diet will make up 85% of the success in achieving the goal, and sports nutrition, which will just speed up the process of losing weight, will make up 15%.

Sports nutrition for weight loss; fat burners for women.

There is sports nutrition for both weight gain and weight loss. Consider sports nutrition for weight loss — fat burners for women. They are aimed at suppressing appetite, accelerating metabolism (lipotropics), increasing body temperature (thermogenics).

The first, in my opinion, the most harmless, even useful, natural fat burner — L-carnitine. L-carnitine is an amino acid that increases the rate of metabolism of fat cells in mitochondria. Of course, it is not as effective as all specialized fat burners, but the most important thing is protein, which means it is only useful. If you need to throw a couple of kilograms to emphasize the relief, then this fat burner will be enough for you. L-carnitine will only work with good cardio loads and the right diet for weight loss. Just drink it and have nothing to do, it does not work and it is not a “magic pill”. But if you regularly practice and follow a diet, it will help you. Most importantly, it has no contraindications and there are no side effects.

Now consider specialized fat burners. Lipotropics or thermogenics, what to choose. They all consist of high doses of caffeine, ephedrine and other components. Here it is necessary to select individually, since each of the specialized fat burners has a side effect. For girls, due to the small loads compared to the loads for men, complex fat burners such as Lipo6 are suitable. The components contained in it have a different principle of action on the body, that is, they have components with different degrees of release and are absorbed by the body over a long time. Thus, the body receives a gradual “push”. There is no crazy load on the heart in the first place, well, on other organs too. Think for yourself, it is better for everyone and in small doses to act on the body than to take a «horse» dose, for example, to increase the temperature. Be careful, they all have a side effect, but taking them you just need to practice and plow like a «horse», otherwise all the adrenaline will lie on your heart, I hope you wake up to take them for weight loss, not for killing the heart.

To maintain muscle mass during weight loss or, as athletes call it, «drying the body», you need to take sports nutrition for weight loss — isolate and amino acids. Protein with a low-carb diet should be taken at the rate of 1 g of protein per kg of its weight. The same principle as with protein, since protein is nothing but a chain of amino acids. It’s just that amino acids are free from fat and carbohydrates. Yes, and no longer need to digest them. But they cost more.

Now it’s up to you to choose whether to use sports nutrition for weight loss or not, but remember 30% of success is your workout, 55% is a low-carb, well-formed diet for weight loss or reduction of body fat, and only 15% is sports nutrition that is simple help you achieve your goal.

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