Sports after 50-55 years — how to stay active and not harm your health?

Sports after 50-55 years — how to stay active and not harm your health?

Not only professional athletes continue their training in old age, an ordinary person and after 50 years old wants to maintain physical activity and vitality. Physical activity can slow down the aging process and prevent many diseases of the internal organs and musculoskeletal system. What kind of sport can you do after 50-55 years and not harm yourself, but get the maximum benefit and a charge of positive energy?

Features of the body after 50 years

The years leave their mark not only on the exterior, but also inside the entire body. Its main functions transformirovalsya and change, changing habits and General rhythm of life.

Eating behavior – the stomach begins to work slower, slower digested proteins, which leads to delayed digestion and withdrawal of food. Change of taste receptors, which with age, atrophy, change the ability to feel the tastes and the decline of interest in food. Also possible problems with teeth and chewing.

Body changes – reduction of the protein mass of the organism leads to loss of muscle mass, increase in body fat, and the appearance of problem areas. Sedentary lifestyle, decreased physical activity – all this affects the condition of the body, which becomes flabby and loses its firmness.

Internal organs – with age any body can malfunction. Problems arise in the cardiovascular system, secretory, joint pain, and decreased vision and hearing.

Psychological status in elderly people for the most part isolated from society, left to their family or spends time alone. There is a feeling of boredom, indifference, it seems that nothing new and joyful will be gone. Elderly people often depend on relatives if in need of care that makes him feel unfree. Physical helplessness creates complexes and negatively affects the General condition of the emotional background.

Regular exercise, increase physical activity, allow people to improve health, maintain health and return to life. Where to start?

Sports after 50-55 years - how to stay active and not harm your health?

Even after 50 years, when the intensity of life is significantly reduced, it is important to remember that sport is an excellent way to restore psychological and physical health. It slows down the aging process and can easily cheer you up.

To start playing sports, especially if before that physical activity was minimal or absent, it is necessary by choosing the right type of training and adjusting in accordance with the features of your life rhythm.

Women usually like gymnastics or those sports that help for weight loss. These are loads that intensively work out problem areas and support the figure. A man pays more attention to maintaining his natural strength and restoring stamina, which means he often chooses strength training, classes in the gym.

Do not blindly follow your desires and abruptly begin classes with serious crossfit. First you need to consult a doctor who will talk about the correct distribution of loads, possible risks and concerns, explain why restrictions are needed.

With the right approach, even in old age you can achieve good physical fitness and exercise on simulators on a par with young people.

It is important to remember the warm-up, which is accompanied by training in any sport. This is a short set of exercises that helps the body get involved in work, warms up muscles, and enhances blood circulation. The warm-up includes exercises such as tilting the head, torso, hand swings, stretching, warming up the forearms and legs.

And, of course, one should not forget about proper nutrition and additional vitamins. Strengthening muscles, the heart system, joints can be achieved faster if you follow an appropriate diet and add active supplements to the diet, again with the permission of the doctor.

Sports after 50-55 years - how to stay active and not harm your health?

Walking and running

Running is useful at any age, but this is a big burden on the body, so you should start training by selecting a load for your level of training and gradually increasing it.

Not everyone, after examination by a specialist, can fully engage in running training, someone is preferable to make a choice in favor of sports walking, which also positively affects the body. Running training helps to lose weight, while running a lot of energy and calories is spent to get a beautiful fit figure. Constant movement strengthens the muscles and joints of the legs, trains endurance and has a positive effect on lung function. Runners are not afraid of heart attacks, strokes, may not worry about their vessels. During training, the hormone of happiness, endorphin, is also produced, and this is a guarantee of good mood and positive emotions. An evening run will help improve sleep, filling you with pleasant tiredness. You can do jogging wherever you are, in urban conditions or on vacation in the summer of 2020.

What you need to remember when choosing a run after 50 years?

Without the approval of a doctor, jogging should not be. Some features of the body do not allow such an overload of the body, but if there are no health problems, you can safely begin training. The main contraindications for running are joint diseases, serious diseases of the cardiovascular system, individual characteristics.

For training, you need to purchase special clothes and shoes. Choose clothes from natural fabrics that allow air and moisture to pass, so as not to create inconvenience during exercise. Shoes with soft soles, thicker on the heel, for proper cushioning and reduce injury risk. In the cold season, be sure to wear a hat and a warm comfortable jacket.

Before each workout, it is imperative to warm up: five minutes of walking on the spot and warming up each joint is the best prevention of injuries. Heated muscles are more difficult to stretch and injure.

Those who have not run before should start with active walking. Walking 3-4 times a week for a month will strengthen the muscles in the first stage and prepare for increased loads. After a month, you can connect a short slow run to walking, alternating it with a stretch, gradually accelerating and increasing distances.

If you purchase a special heart rate monitor, you can track the change in heart rate and your workout rate.

Each workout is also recommended to end with a stretch. This relieves tension and helps muscles relax.

Sports after 50-55 years - how to stay active and not harm your health?


Swimming is also beneficial at any age. This is strengthening the spine and joints, correcting posture disorders, strengthening bone tissue. During swimming, all muscle groups are involved, but the load on them is not felt so much due to a decrease in weight in the water. Therefore, even people with diseases of the joints and legs can engage in such activity under the observance of precautionary measures and in consultation with a doctor.

The great benefits of water activities are for the heart. With age, the problem of high blood pressure often begins to worry — the heart muscle is forced to contract more often to maintain the body, which accelerates the rhythm of the heartbeat. When swimming, the rhythm normalizes, the pressure returns to normal. Therefore, water is the best friend in the fight against diseases of the cardiovascular system.

Going on vacation in the summer of 2020 to a country with a warm sea, you definitely need to take a moment and perform a couple of exercises in the water, receiving additional positive emotions.

Optimal water training at any age lasts at least 30-40 minutes.

This time is enough to swim 500 meters and perform several exercises of water aerobics.
Pool Safety

if the water is not very warm, you should not be in it for too long, go out at the first unpleasant sensations, especially if there are pathologies of the kidneys and other diseases of the excretory system;

care should be taken when moving around the slippery floor in the pool — it is better to purchase slippers with a non-slip sole in advance;

it is better to choose a pool where there is staff capable of assisting in training and other matters.


Sports after 50-55 years - how to stay active and not harm your health?

Yoga is a spiritual support and a powerful means of overcoming many psychological problems. In addition, it helps restore body flexibility and strengthen bones.

In old age it is very important to slow down the process of tissue destruction, to activate the regeneration processes, and this is the basis of soft movements and asanas in yoga.

Not all asanas are available to older people, it is better to perform basic exercises while standing, as strengthening legs is one of the main tasks after 50 years. Simple bends and turns, as well as leisurely bends will strengthen the spine, help maintain balance.

There is also a large number of asanas for strengthening the arms, hips, back, abs. All of them together will help to maintain good spirits and restore peace of mind. Regular yoga classes normalize sleep and restore the joy of life.

The main advantages of yoga over other types of sports loads are measured and effective. There is no need to stand on your head if the form does not allow it, but even a person of considerable age can take a comfortable position, even his breathing and feel his every muscle.

What you need to remember about yoga?

In old age, the main thing is to be extremely careful in the classroom. Complex exercises should not be performed if the body is uncomfortable and painful. It’s better to start with simple techniques, gradually moving to a new level.

Closely listening to the instructor’s advice is also very important. Yoga trainer will tell you which position is better to take, how to monitor your breathing, how to listen to your body.

With diseases of the spine and hernia, many consider yoga the best means of recovery. But this is a controversial issue, so before making a choice in favor of this area, you need to consult with your doctor.

                                                                                                                                         Gym classes

Sports after 50-55 years - how to stay active and not harm your health?

Strength training in the gym, especially with the use of simulators, for older bodybuilders is associated, above all, with the desire to tone the muscles and improve health.

In order to work safely and effectively in the gym, it is necessary first of all to undergo a medical examination, which will help to identify health problems and draw up an individual load plan.

Each training should begin with a full warm-up, warming up the muscles. It is better to avoid weighting, choose safe simulators, it is advisable to work under the supervision of a qualified trainer.

In addition to the training program in the gym, which should include exercises for each muscle group, you need to maintain activity in ordinary life, using side loads — walk more, climb stairs. Strength training for the elderly have practical benefits — they improve endurance, the ability to walk longer, and lift heavy things without difficulty.

When planning how many times to practice in the gym to get results, you should know that the minimum number of lessons per week for a beginner is 2 times. Subsequently, you can increase up to 4 days. Each exercise should be repeated 6-8 times and be sure to relax between sets.

During the training you need to carefully monitor the pulse, its changes. If during the exercise there is a malaise, even the slightest, you need to stop the training and contact the staff for help.


Thinking about what kind of sport to do after 50 years and which one is better suited to individual needs and life features, you should carefully study all the proposed options. Any activity has a positive effect on health, even the most insignificant, but it is better to pay attention to disadvantages in addition to advantages. Not everyone will need a large running load or training with exercise equipment, someone prefer moderate walking or aqua aerobics.

After examining the doctor’s testimony, choosing a convenient training regimen, and after 50 years you can live a full life, play sports and create a positive energy around you, while remaining a young soul.

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