Sport for cores and obese people.

Sport for cardiac patients and obese people.

Some sports may be contraindicated for people suffering from angina and obesity. One or another sport have to choose only after a full medical examination. For example, dangerous Jogging cores and obese people. They quickly suffocate and are unable to make full use of the aerobic phase, in which the breakdown of fatty tissue. In addition, the joints of the lower limbs may also be affected. So Jogging favorable to people who have no problems with excess weight. Very good for health to swim. It increases range of motion and therefore the swimmer spends much less effort force to overcome the force of gravity. It is worth considering that after swimming there is a «brutal appetite.» After 45 minutes of swimming in cold water is consumed 877 calories, in warm water — 600 kcal. During the voyage the energy costs amount to about 500 kcal. That is why doctors advise to fool the stomach by eating small amount of food. For a person with excess weight as physical activity will fit the bike. It will allow you to move more without damaging the joints of the lower extremities. However, to ride a bike you need on a flat road without heavy traffic, and preferably in the warm season. The best option is an exercise bike, but it is less efficient than a Bicycle. The most suitable sport for cardiac patients and obese people brisk walking. It relieves and strengthens the heart, strengthens the body. Walking may be performed in any conditions, at any time of the year.

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