Spinach — food of the highest order!

Spinach — food of the highest order!

Spinach has a uniquely high density of a wide variety of nutrients. This green leaf plant is an excellent source of vitamins and minerals. Spinach has a low calorie content (23 kilocalories per 100 grams of product) and a very high content of vitamins, micro and macro elements, enzymes, chlorophyll, phytonutrients. Doctors and nutritionists are advised to consume 200 grams of spinach every day.

Green Vitamin Bomb

In terms of vitamin A (retinol), vitamin K, betaine, carotene (provitamin A), spinach is one of the three leaders among the rest of the plant world. And in terms of lutein content (needed to restore vision), spinach is the absolute leader among all fruits, berries, vegetables and herbs (12,298 mcg). Lutein is a carotenoid or antioxidant that prevents age-related cataracts and macular degeneration.

Spinach contains a sufficient amount of organic iron, which is necessary to provide vital oxygen to all cells of our body, so we are full of strength and energy.

Spinach can be deservedly called a green vitamin bomb.

Benefits of Spinach

When you eat this green product in large quantities, you don’t need to worry about eating extra pounds and then you will need to go on a diet (with its 23 kilocalories, spinach is already in 118th place in terms of calories among all products of plant origin) . Eating regularly in large portions of spinach, your body receives an abundance of a variety of healthy and nutritious substances.

Another advantage of spinach is its easy accessibility. This plant is not picky, it is easy to grow it yourself, so we can get this bouquet of natural vitamins even in winter at home on the windowsill.

It is especially useful in its raw form.

Spinach is a versatile product. Fresh raw spinach contains the largest amount of trace elements and vitamins. To keep everything healthy in this “green capsule of health”, spinach should be eaten only raw. It is advisable to eat spinach at each main meal, adding it to salads or in the form of green smoothies and “spinach smoothies”.

Spinach Against Disease

Spinach is very good for the heart. Folates (a complex of B vitamins) and carotenoids have an extremely beneficial effect on the functioning of the entire cardiovascular system. Spinach regulates and normalizes the digestive, lymphatic and urinary systems. Spinach contains a lot of the trace element manganese, which is necessary for the normal functioning of the human nervous system. This mineral is also responsible for metabolic processes and the motor system.Studies have shown that the consumption of large amounts of spinach and other greens in food inhibits the aging process of brain functions. Thanks to spinach, the gastrointestinal tract also improves significantly. With the help of dietary fiber, spinach well eliminates constipation, has a beneficial effect on diseases such as osteoporosis, arthritis, asthma, migraine. In addition, spinach contains many plant fibers that reduce the absorption and absorption of harmful fats.

In addition, spinach is considered a super-vessel for vessels. This green healer contains substances that contribute to the expansion of blood vessels and thereby prevent hypertension.

Spinach Cancer Protector

Spinach reduces the damaging effects of carcinogens on the human body. Lutein, which rolls over in spinach, perfectly enhances the human immunity and protects against various types of cancers.

The creator generously endowed spinach with flavonoids, which act as natural antioxidants, protecting the human body from free radicals. Scientists have discovered more than thirteen (!) Various flavonoid compounds that act as anti-cancer substances. Especially in spinach, a high content of apigenin can be noted, which perfectly fights the formation of cancer cells. This substance is introduced into the structure of cancer cells and destroys them. High levels of vitamins A and C in spinach, which are powerful antioxidants in their own right and reduce the number of free radicals that lead to cancer.

If possible, include in your daily diet — spinach — food of the highest order!

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