Skiing and snowboarding for a beautiful figure.

Skiing and snowboarding for a beautiful figure.

Comparison of two traditional winter entertainment.

Sport is indispensable on the way to the perfect figure. By playing sports, you accelerate metabolism and force the body to spend calories. Physical activity develops muscle, to maintain which the body spends a lot of energy burning fat reserves. At the same time calorie consumption continues even on days of rest from trainings. But to get a qualitative result, it is necessary to engage in sports regularly. It ‘s best to turn classes into your constant hobby. And if you still don t have a favorite sport, we advise to try traditional winter entertainment: skiing or snowboarding.

1. Skiing

Skis are running and mountain. For beginners more suitable will be running.

Skiing and snowboarding for a beautiful figure.

You can ski in classic and skate style.

The classic style is suitable for a calmer time: you slide on a rolled ski, moving forward your legs, skis are parallel to each other.

Skating style requires a lot of effort and will suit fans of fast skating: you push the inside of skis away from the snow road, accordingly, the inner, rear and front surfaces of the hip work harder. Combining different styles and alternating the load with rest, 300 to 800 calories can be burned in an hour of skating.

The main advantage of skiing is that all muscle groups are worked out cyclically, and you end up with a strong muscle corset and a beautiful relief body. Hands work: biceps and triceps, upper muscles of back, buttocks, thighs — and all this without shock load on joints! And to start riding, it doesn ‘t take a lot of effort, just go out to the nearest park.

2. Snowboard

Unlike skiing, which has been familiar to us since we were children, snowboarding has become massively popular relatively recently. But so far many believe that this sport is available only to young professionals. In fact, it ‘s completely wrong. To master the correct technique of skating find friends-like-minded or sign up for classes with the trainer.

In a month of training with an instructor you can learn to ride even from the entry level. The exercises you start with will be aimed at maintaining balance — which means you will work out the muscle stabilizers that make the body more tightened and guarantee a great posture. Almost all groups of muscles are involved in skating, but the main load goes to the four-head and rear muscle of the hip, as well as to the caviar muscle. The muscles of the body also work: to manoeuvre on the descent and maintain balance, you will keep the back stressed, and therefore, to produce the correct posture and strengthen the spine. When snowboarding, 650-750 kcal/hour can be burned.

Skiing and snowboarding for a beautiful figure.


Any sport coupled with the right technique will allow you to adjust the figure and lose extra kilograms more effectively. But in order not to harm yourself, it is necessary to remember simple rules:

— Don ‘t sit right before training. Only certain products or special sports meals are allowed.

— Take care of warm equipment: thermal, stable winter shoes, necessary protective equipment. For example, snowboarding necessarily requires a protective helmet and back shields.

«Don ‘t forget the warm-up. Try to work out all muscles before training, because the heated body is much less susceptible to injuries. After training try to perform stretching: pull muscles of legs, hands and back. This will avoid pain from excessive load and relax muscles.

— Do not forget about balanced nutrition. At increased physical loads, the body needs more vitamins and trace elements.

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