Running in the morning — a charge of energy for the whole day

In the morning in the parks or just in the streets you can see people jogging. Yes, and everyone thinks that it would be great to start running in the mornings. But there are always «good» reasons (not enough time, rumors that it is harmful) to sleep longer and not run. And what a delight might be caused by the morning breeze, giving freshness, and the rays of the rising sun, gently caressing you on a run!

So what is the benefit of running in the morning? Is it worth it to start? And what features do you need to consider when running in the morning?
The answers to these questions lie on the surface.
The benefits of running in the morning.
With constant jogging in the morning, your heart becomes stronger and more durable, and all blood vessels become more elastic and stronger. Bored dyspnea is becoming a thing of the past, blood pressure is normalizing, the whole body is happy with the rush of fresh blood and is literally rejuvenated.
The lungs begin to work at full capacity, pumping fresh oxygen. They are cleaned of accumulated dust and other harmful impurities of urban air. Indeed, in the morning the air is the cleanest.
Muscle tissues get the necessary load and burn excess calories. They become elastic and fit. Your figure is straightened and slender before your eyes. The gait for the whole day becomes springy and light, and the whole appearance radiates energy. And already throughout the day the body does not require constant snacks and extra calories. And the effect of losing weight with constant training remains for a long time and does not disappear as with the use of diets.
And, as a result of all these positive moments, a morning run raises your mood and energizes you for the whole day. The body wakes up and tunes in a working manner, all systems come in tone and are ready to function 100%. Thoughts become clear and precise, new ideas arise and solutions to complex issues are found. The psychoemotional state becomes balanced and positive.
Useful little things running in the morning.
There are some useful tips for those who decide to run in the morning. Following them, it is easy to feel the joy of this wonderful activity and to avoid disappointment and even injuries.
Start running only when you are fully awake. Your body must feel that it is ready to absorb the load. Usually enough 20-30 minutes after sleep and you can go for a run.
Do not start running immediately. Try to go for the first minutes, while stretching and stretching your muscles. So you are tuned and energized.
The run itself should be moderate in both intensity and time. In the morning, 20-30 minutes of light running on flat terrain is enough.
Choose a place to run in the morning. The paths in the forest or along the riverbank are ideal. If this is not possible, choose park areas and streets with minimal traffic. Automobile traffic interferes with its noise and poison the air with gases. Try to avoid such areas.
After jogging, do stretching exercises and, of course, take a shower.
Plunging into the world of health and positive, realizing how cool it is to start the morning with a jog, you will forever become a fan of this excellent activity. Try it, you won’t regret it!

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