Raw food diet for weight loss — beauty menu

Raw food diet for weight loss — a beauty menu.

Every year there are more and more different diets for weight loss. Most overweight people have already realized that you can lose weight only by changing your eating style. Therefore, they try different diets, but most often they do not get the desired results. After all, so that the weight does not return again, you need to eat this way all the time, and not one week.

But most weight loss diets are based on a few foods. This leads to a lack of many minerals, and you can’t eat so constantly. Where is the way out? Is there really such a diet for weight loss, which could be followed all my life without a threat to health?
There is such a diet — it is a raw food diet for weight loss, which will help to lose weight steadily, without returning weight. Nutrition in raw food diet is very diverse and provides the body with all the vitamins and minerals it needs.

What foods are included in the diet of a raw foodist? More than 80 percent of the food during the day should be raw vegetables and fruits, it is advisable to exclude bananas and potatoes. In addition, they eat legumes, grains, nuts and seeds, vegetable oil, dried fruits and spices. Minimum heat treatment of cereals and legumes, honey, milk and eggs is sometimes allowed. But there is a general rule: food should not be exposed to temperatures exceeding 40 degrees. Products are dried, crushed, squeezed juice, mashed or salads, bread from seeds, sprouted grains, infusions of herbs and fruits.

Why does a person who switched to such a diet lose weight?

Nutritionists have proven that the main cause of excess weight is the slagging of the body and the accumulation of toxins. It has long been said that highly processed, canned foods are very harmful to health and poorly digested. Indeed, for the normal digestion of food, enzymes are needed that are found only in raw vegetables and fruits. Undigested food accumulates in the body in the form of fat stores. Strongly recover from sugar and fatty foods. In addition, boiled and especially fried food requires a lot of energy for its digestion, and it gives very few useful substances, since the heat treatment process kills living cells.
In addition to losing weight, a raw food diet has many health benefits, because when the body is cleansed of toxins, many diseases go away. A man is getting younger, he is full of strength and energy. Even when switching to a raw food diet for weight loss, the skin is cleansed, the condition of the hair improves, and immunity increases. But you need to know that the result does not come immediately, you need to eat like this for at least a month, and sometimes more so that the body can remove all poisons and toxins.

What an exemplary menu offers a raw food diet for weight loss.

For breakfast: fruit salads, seeds and nuts, freshly made juices, seedlings and cereals.For lunch: a salad of vegetables by season and vegetable oil, bread from seedlings, nuts and seeds.
For dinner: salad or mashed vegetables.
Between meals: as much as you want fruits and nuts. You can drink clean water, juices, infusion or tea from herbs.
Losing weight on a raw food diet is very simple and tasty, however, for a long time. But then the weight does not return, but youth and health come!

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