Pros of summer outdoor sports

The advantages of summer sports outdoors.

In the heat of the summer day saving air conditioners in offices and in hot home not even thinking about sports. However, the fashion for slim and slender body does not go away, and a large number of girls try to maintain its sporty image.

There is an opinion that in hot weather the human body and without the stress losing excess body calories. Also in hot weather the appetite is greatly reduced, and all begin to replace food with plenty of fluids. These events are a good Foundation to hold or reduce weight. Great physical exertion at high temperatures can be very bad for the heart. In this regard, doctors do not recommend in the heat of summer to get involved in sports exercises. But the muscle tone not to forget, and sport heat should not throw.

There is an ideal solution in this situation. A little workout you can spend the evening outdoors.

It is best to exercise after 8 PM, then comes to the town cool. Gradually it was getting dusk but not yet dark and there is no heat as day. To practice good shorts and t-shirt and light trainers. Optionally, you can take the player with a selection of favorite music. Not a quick run get to the Playground or stadium. If there is any tightness, you can call a friend or find a place where we constantly do the same sports fans.

It is possible to give many arguments in favor of sports outdoors:

— outdoors in the summer is much cooler than in the hot walls of the building

— on the street more space, which means you will be able to perform a variety of exercises

— optional walk in the fresh air will not harm your health.

some compound exercises are better to perform on the street, so as not to disturb the neighbors.

— outside there are Playground with equipment with which it is possible to obtain an additional burden.

classes in the open air it is possible to combine a walk with a child

lonely girl is especially useful to do on the street, as it immediately attracts young men.

So it’s time to get together to wear sports uniform and after 8 PM to go to the stadium for a light workout.

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