Post Workout Recovery

6 ways to easily and effectively recover after a workout

To achieve serious success in sports, you need to train a lot. But the body’s possibilities are not unlimited, and he also needs to rest. The better and more effective you relax, the more you can practice, and the better the final result. In this article, you will learn the most effective ways to relax and recover from a workout.

After each muscle tension, rest should begin, because the growth and strengthening of the muscles occurs during it. Therefore, rest in essence is the receipt of a reward for work in training. Many novice athletes do not understand this, believing that you need less rest and more strain. They put themselves in the framework of a certain program, for example, Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and persistently adhere to it, even if they themselves feel that they do not have enough time to recover.

There is a way out of this situation. It must be remembered that each person has their own recovery time. This time depends on several factors: nutrition, weight, body structure, genetic characteristics. Some people, for example, rest very quickly, others need almost a week to rest.

How to determine whether a muscle is rested? As a rule, the muscle should not have pain. Try to go to the gym and practice when you are no longer feeling pain, and compare your results with cases. When you overcame pain. You will see how much more effective it is and immediately understand how much you need to recover.

Another way to understand that you are rested is your positive attitude towards training. If you have a good rest, you will be pleased with the thought of training. Try to imagine. How do you lift weight. If you have not rested yet, negative feelings will appear in the body. It is your muscles that tell you that they are not yet ready for training. Surely you are familiar with the feelings of apathy and depression that arise with overtraining and heavy loads. This state also should not be underestimated, if you overload your body beyond its capabilities — disruptions can occur that will close your training for a very long time.

Even if you spend a little more time on rest and recovery, the end result will still turn out better. In addition, if you overload the body beyond its capabilities, there is a chance of a breakdown that will close your training for a very long time.

Therefore, with proper and sufficient rest, you will get the best result, naturally not forgetting the stress and nutrition. You also need to know that there are five main types of fatigue that need to be distinguished.

• Slight fatigue. It happens after any physical exertion.Take a little rest and you can work again.

• Acute fatigue. If you overstrain yourself in a short period of time, then your muscles will become very tired and you will not be able to do anything. You will need a long rest.

• Overvoltage. It occurs with long loads of the body at the limit of its physical capabilities, for example, at competitions or tournaments. The body is restored after such exertion for more than a week.

• Overtraining. It occurs during prolonged hard training, can affect the condition of the heart and general depression of the body.

• Overwork. It occurs in impressionable, nervous people with prolonged training.

Here are the basic recovery methods

These methods are quite enough to recover after any workout. Use them in combination or separately.

1. Sleep. Proper and healthy sleep is the best rest. Analyze your needs and sleep as much as you need. If you want to sleep 10 hours — sleep. Only a healthy sleep can completely replace all other methods.

2. Stretching. After a workout, be sure to stretch — it remarkably relaxes the muscles, prevents them from “clogging”. Stretch until the sensations in the muscles become pleasant.

3. Amino acids BCAA. If you drink isoleucine, valine and leucine ten to fifteen minutes before your workout, you will significantly improve the recovery process. They can also easily remove muscle pain.

4. Bath or sauna. Many large fitness centers have their own saunas and baths. And not in vain, because visiting a bath is a great muscle relaxation after a workout. The only thing worth noting is the risk of frequent going to the bath for people with high blood pressure.

5. Change of activity and outdoor activities. Suitable for nervous exhaustion and apathy. Relaxed walks will cheer you up and speed up your vacation.

6. Massage. In combination with a bath, it is an effective tool for muscle relaxation. In many fitness centers, in addition to the bath, there are also masseurs.

Use these methods on your own, or all together, and you will see how much the effectiveness of your classes will increase. And so the recovery process in sports goes.

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