Pool Activities and Aqua Aerobics

Swimming classes and Aqua Aerobics

Water aerobics is aerobics in the water, includes a set of exercises and rhythmic movements that are performed in water to music with items or without items.
Water aerobics combines elements of swimming, gymnastics, dance, strength training and stretching.Water types of fitness are very popular.
To perform some exercises during training used equipment: belt, dumbbells, flexible sticks (noodle), caperjack, aquaspace and aquadisk.
During aerobic exercise, the cardiovascular system, respiratory, besides overcoming the resistance of the water can evenly develop all the muscles. When in the water significantly reduces stress on the joints, and aquarobics can engage people with arthritis, varicose veins, diseases of the spine and joints, obesity, and pregnant women. Before the training it is advisable to consult a doctor.
The first lesson focuses on osvoeniyu correct body position, breathing technique and individual movements.

The cost of calories during water aerobics.
On average, for an hour lesson is spent 450-700 calories.

Table of calories burned during different types of physical activities.
Calories burned
(kcal / h)
Running (1 km in 6 min) 750
Water aerobics 680
Swimming 630
Aerobics (high intensity) 520
Training on rowing machine 445
Aerobics (low intensity) 400
Tennis (single) 415
Cycling (16 km/h) 385
Badminton 370
Weight training 270-450
Cycling (8.8 km/h) 250
Advantages of Aqua aerobics.

Pool Activities and Aqua Aerobics

— body weight in water decreases in consequence of which decreases the risk of damage to joints, bones and muscles;
— water exercises help to increase joint mobility because a person in the water does a greater range of motion;
— the body in the water is not perevarivaetsya, water helps to regulate body temperature;
— water resistance is much more air resistance, so even with a simple exercises there is an effect of the weighting that brings the maximum benefit from classes.
— helps to maintain a good physical form;
— when doing relieves muscle tension, which helps relieve stress and strengthens the nervous system.
— the water flows around the body, creating a massage effect (anti-cellulite), also through this «massage» muscles do not have time to accumulate lactic acid, and after training you won’t feel pain.

Safety when engaging in water aerobics.

— compliance with the rules of the pool;
— before starting the training it is advisable to consult a doctor;

Contraindications for water aerobics.Catarrhal and infectious diseases of the ENT organs, urinary system, skin, helminthiasis, vision and cardiovascular problems, as well as asthma and a tendency to allergy to bleach.

Stock for aqua aerobics.

Pool Activities and Aqua Aerobics

Equipment and clothing should be comfortable and not restrict traffic.
— water dumbbells — designed to increase resistance when moving hands in water;
— belts — keep the body afloat.
— gloves with membranes — allow to increase resistance in water;
Flexible sticks (noodles) — cylinders made of foam material with a diameter of about 10 cm, help to increase resistance, maintain buoyancy.

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