«Plate Model» is the foundation of good nutrition. Serving Size Slimming Food.

In this article I want to show how to lose weight without limiting yourself to anything. One of the points of an effective method of losing weight is eating according to the «plate model.» Most people do not know their portion size of food necessary for the functioning of the body. Quite often, when you cook and set the table, everyone starts to eat from a common plate. This is the main mistake — eat from a common plate. So you do not see how much you eat.

Get yourself a medium plate or so-called dessert plate. Determining the size of a meal using the «plate model» can be used for lunch and dinner with the right balanced diet. Mentally divide the plate in half. We fill one half with vegetables, except for potatoes: cucumbers, tomatoes, lettuce, bell peppers, cabbage.

Vegetables on your plate can be in any form:

— Fresh salad.

— Braised.

— Boiled.

— Steamed.

— Baked and grilled.

The total number of vegetables should be approximately 100-150 gr.

"Plate Model" is the foundation of good nutrition.  Serving Size Slimming Food.

Further, the second half is mentally divided in half. Fill one part with any side dish (cereals, rice, potatoes, pasta, beans, etc.) in an amount of 70-100 gr. in finished form. On the other side we place any protein product of animal origin:

— Meat of low-fat varieties (chicken, turkey, beef, rabbit, nutria, etc.).

— Fish of low-fat varieties (hake, pike perch, cod, pollock, saffron cod, etc.).

— Low-fat cottage cheese (0 — 5% fat).

Plate Model — Eat Right
The total amount of protein product should be 100 — 150 g. Any cooking methods other than frying in oil.

"Plate Model" is the foundation of good nutrition.  Serving Size Slimming Food.

For the first dish, use a not very deep plate, and let the amount of the first dish be 150 — 200 g. It is better to use the first dishes cooked in a secondary broth and at the rate of 200 gr. lean meat in 1 liter of water. With it you can eat bread in an amount of 30 — 40 gr. At a time (this is a small piece).

If you use the «plate model» and you don’t have scales at hand, keep the principle of not putting a slide on the plate. Often, when girls begin to adhere to this method, they do not gorge themselves and begin to lay on a plate so that it falls out over the edges. You need to be patient a little, the stomach will narrow, and you will be full of this volume, while not overeating and getting the right amount of calories. Of course, do not forget the individual characteristics and only based on them make your diet.

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