Pectoral Muscle Fitness: Best Exercises And Workout Rules


There is an opinion that only men need to pump chest muscles, thereby forming a strong harmonious body. Women really will not be able to enlarge the breast through exercise, because it consists of adipose tissue. But at the same time, thanks to them, you can give the female breast a beautiful shape and tighten it somewhat, which will significantly affect the overall attractiveness of the body. If it is impossible to attend the gym, which has a lot of necessary equipment for the training, you can effectively engage in the home.

The basics of home chest training

Before starting the training, it is important to familiarize yourself with the anatomical structure of the pectoral muscles in order to uniformly load all their parts. They include large and small pectoral muscles and front dentate, each of which has a symmetrical pair.

Even with a very strong desire, it is not worthwhile to conduct training daily, as this will definitely bring only harm to the body. During the exercise, the muscles receive microtraumas, the recovery period of which is 1-2 days, which is why classes should be carried out no more than 2-3 times a week with a mandatory interval of one day.

Depending on your goals, you need to determine the number of approaches and repetitions. Women often seek to slightly strengthen their chest muscles, without increasing their size, for this they should perform 3-4 approaches of each exercise of 20-25 repetitions. Working with light weight weights and at a fast pace, you can also get rid of excess fat in this area. If you want to build muscle, which men often want, you should perform 4-7 sets of 5-8 reps, using heavy weight.

Chest Exercise

The best exercise for chest muscles that can be done at home is push-ups. This element belongs to the base and with varying degrees of effectiveness includes all the muscles of the body. The chest and arms work most actively during push-ups, the back is a little less intense, and the legs and muscles of the press are also involved. Due to the different setting of the arms and the rotation of the palms, all parts of the pectoral muscles can be effectively loaded.

Home exercises for the muscles of the chest:

Adopt a lying position while placing your hands at close range. The palms should be turned with your fingers to each other and close them together. The whole body must be tensed and form a single straight line. Bending your elbows, do push-ups. Stop the moment your chest touches your hands. Hold this position for several minutes and return to the initial position.
The next exercise should be performed using a sofa and stools. Place the latter at a distance slightly wider than the width of your shoulders, rest your palms in them, and place your feet on a sofa, chair or other similar elevation. Perform push-ups as usual for you, lowering the body below the horizontal.
This exercise should be performed so that the legs are above the head. Place both palms on the floor the width of your shoulder joints, rest your legs in some low support and perform push-ups in the usual way, thereby strengthening the arms and upper chest.Lie on your back, firmly rest your feet on the floor, and take dumbbells of the required weight in your hands. Lift the limbs vertically upward and, while exhaling, bend your elbows and lower the weighting agents to the chest. Hands should be lowered as low as possible — so that the elbows touch the floor, while all movements must be performed smoothly.
Accept the starting position of the previous exercise. Holding the dumbbells over you, begin to slowly raise them apart, bringing the shoulder blades together. You should lower your hands to the stop, and then raise them again, describing a semicircle above your head. It is much more effective to perform this exercise on a bench, which can be two stools put together at home. In this case, hands should be lowered below the horizontal level.
The next exercise can be performed while standing or sitting, with your hands with dumbbells down along the body. Maintaining a static position, slowly raise your straight limbs forward above the level of your shoulders, and then return them at the same pace. Dumbbells should be kept straight with a closed grip and try not to swing the torso while moving your arms.
For this exercise, a gymnastic board is needed for the muscles of the chest, but at home it can also be performed using an ordinary chair. Lie with your back on a chair so that the buttocks do not touch it, the feet are firmly on the floor, and the angle in the knee joints is straight. Hold one dumbbell firmly with both hands and lift it above you. Inhaling, lower your arms as low as possible behind your head, while stretching your chest muscles. Movement should occur only in the shoulder joints, while the trunk should remain in a static position.
Stand straight or sit on a chair. The main condition for the correct implementation of this exercise is an even position of the back. Palms together at chest level, bending elbows at right angles. Straining your chest muscles, press on your hands with maximum effort for 10 seconds, after a break, do a few more repetitions.
Exercise Rules.

Pectoral Muscle Fitness: Best Exercises And Workout Rules

To get the maximum effect from the trainings, you must adhere to the basic rules of their conduct:

Clearly follow the technique of each exercise, the violation of which can lead to a shift in the load from the pectoral to other muscles or even injury.
Training should be carried out regularly: every other day or three times a week, allowing the muscles to fully relax.
Initially, use a small weight of weights, otherwise you can get a sprain or joint injury.
Exercise for the muscles of the chest is especially useful for women planning a pregnancy and those who have just finished breastfeeding.
Be sure to conduct intensive training of the muscles of the chest for women who have a large amount of excess weight and want to get rid of it.
If you follow these rules and intensive training for 2-3 months, you can already notice the first results of their efforts.

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