Miracle Fruit — Grapefruit

Miracle Fruit — Grapefruit

High therapeutic and dietary properties of grapefruit have long been known. These include: improving digestion, lowering blood and blood pressure, normalizing liver function, cleansing the body of toxins, restoring the body as a whole.

Grapefruit juice and tropical fruit itself are useful for diseases of the heart and blood vessels, a number of infectious and colds, and exhaustion of the nervous system of the human body. Grapefruit reduces blood sugar in patients with diabetes of both types, enhances the action of insulin. Grapefruit juice is very useful for diseases of the kidneys and the genitourinary system. Grapefruit juice is also used as a diuretic. All grapefruit is of great value for the food industry — candied fruits, juices, canned food are prepared from it.

Grapefruit is an excellent tool in the fight against sticky fat — cholesterol, which leads to atherosclerosis and helps lower blood pressure. The bioflavonoids contained in grapefruit enhance the action of vitamin C, strengthen fragile capillaries and prevent hemorrhages. Organic acids, minerals, sugars and grapefruit vitamins perfectly strengthen the immune system, activate the liver and the entire digestive tract. Fruits and grapefruit juice are useful for patients with varicose veins and help the rapid breakdown and burning of fats, which contributes to weight loss.

Here is such a miracle fruit — a gift of our Creator — grapefruit.

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