Methods of breathing exercises for children

Parents know that children often suffer from colds, which greatly annoy a small immature organism. What are adults doing in gymnastics for children in this situation? Some follow the advice of doctors, others resort to grandmother’s recipes, still others engage in physical exercises with children and temper them.

If a person breathes through the mouth, then the mucous membrane of the mouth usually dries quickly. Infection k easily enters the respiratory tract and causes inflammation. That is why for the prevention of diseases of the child you need to learn to breathe correctly. For this, experts have developed several fun exercises.

Small and big

The child stands upright, rising to inhale on his toes, then stretches his arms upward, showing how big he is. In this position you need to fix for a few seconds. As you exhale, you need to lower your hands down, and then, crouching, grab your knees with your hands and say «uh», hiding your head in your knees.


A child walks around the room, bent arms simulating the movement of the wheels of a steam locomotive. At the same time, he pronounces «chuh-chuh-chuh.» You can change the speed, frequency and volume of the pronunciation.

Geese fly

Slowly and smoothly the child walks around the room, periodically flapping his arms, like wings. They should be lifted by inhalation, and by exhalation, they should be lowered while pronouncing “g-y-y”.

Is a stork

The child is standing upright, arms are raised to the sides, while inhaling, one leg is bent at the knee and extended forward. This position should be fixed for several seconds, while maintaining balance. As you exhale, you need to lower your leg and arms, while pronouncing «shhhhhh.»

Lumberjack works

The child needs to stand up straight, and legs spread apart shoulder width apart. On inspiration, the arms are folded with an hatchet and rise up. On exhalation, outstretched arms fall sharply downward, while the body leans slightly forward, helping the hands to “cut” free space between the legs. In this case, you need to say «bahhh.»

With the help of breathing exercises, which is carried out thanks to various interesting exercises, the child’s body will gradually get stronger. He will always have a good mood, the disease will recede. Proper breathing will help increase his immunity.

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