Keeping your back in good shape

Keep the back in good shape

Alas, no matter how elegantly and expensively dressed girl, nothing will hide her ugly posture. The key to beautiful posture is a healthy spine. So how do you keep your back beautiful and young. Below are a few tips.

First of all, you need to see how you sleep. Naturally the bed should be convenient and comfortable. No matter how beneath you: a feather bed or mattress, the main restriction is that the spins in a level position. But it is not necessary to go to extremes, the bed should be moderately hard, the most important thing, so your back doesn’t SAG. Also you must ensure that the surface to sleep was not of the troughs and mounds.

Your back should be loved and not to load large loads. It is not necessary to lift weights, especially at arm’s length. With this raising of the load on the back increases significantly and you can earn a hernia. In order to pick up some weight, it is best to sit down and then to lift the load with a straight back.

For workers who spend a lot of time at computers, it is useful to make a small pause for unloading of the spine. If possible, you can lie down on the couch and lie down for a few minutes to allow the muscles to rest. Permanent stay in one position very strongly overload the back, which can lead to back pain or getting disease of the spine. Definitely in the schedule should be morning exercises, including some exercises and muscle strengthening the back. However, sports need to get involved in moderation, so as not to microtrauma, which can give soil for disease development.

You must keep your diet. Should enter into the diet more dairy products, they will fill the body with the necessary calcium. Necessarily in the diet should be proteins, vitamins and minerals. If missing in the diet, you can try to take a multivitamin complex. A healthy spine can not be combined with hard diets, and it is worth remembering.

An additional factor for the formation of the disease of the back is excessive weight. So the best option is a healthy diet combined with low physical activity. Fulfilling all of these recommendations, you will keep your back healthy and young.

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