Jerusalem artichoke — a valuable product for health

Jerusalem artichoke — a valuable product for health

Many experts, doctors and farmers believe that Jerusalem artichoke is an ideal plant sent to us by the Slavs by God himself.

Jerusalem artichoke or earthen pear is a close relative of the sunflower. Jerusalem artichoke entered the territory of Russia in the 18th century from the other end of the world — its homeland — North America.

Jerusalem artichoke — 21st century food

Jerusalem artichoke — earned the name of a 21st century product. Jerusalem artichoke, in many respects, is an absolutely unique plant.

Firstly, in terms of diversity and balance, its constituent trace elements:

1) iron up to 12 mg per hundred grams of product;

2) potassium up to 430 mg;

3) calcium up to 40 mg;

4) silicon up to 8 mg;

5) magnesium up to 30 mg;

6) manganese up to 45 mg;

7) phosphorus up to 500 mg;

8) zinc up to 500 mg.

The optimal natural ratio of minerals in Jerusalem artichoke enhances the functional activity of the endocrine, nervous and immune systems of the body, and also significantly improves blood counts.

Rich in Vitamins and Organic Polyacids

Secondly, Jerusalem artichoke tubers are rich in vitamins. Vitamin C, vitamin PP, B vitamins and carotene are present in earthen pear (6-7 mg per 100 grams of product). Jerusalem artichoke also has a lot of readily soluble carbohydrates.

Thirdly, Jerusalem artichoke tubers contain a large number of organic polyacids — citric acid, raspberry acid, malic acid, fumaric acid, succinic acid. In combination with vitamin C, these organic polyacids have a powerful antioxidant effect.

Fourth, in the Jerusalem artichoke tubers protein there are many amino acids (16), 10 of which are irreplaceable.

Our domestic orderly

Fifthly, an earthen pear is rich in pectins (about 11 percent in Jerusalem artichoke), which actively remove toxins, poisons, heavy metals, pesticides, radioactive substances and cholesterol from the body. In a word, pectins do not leave behind any internal “garbage” and do not upset the balance of the internal environment of the body.

Divine gift for diabetics

Sixth, in the tubers of earthen pears, the highest concentration of the rarest natural biologically active substance is inulin (inulin contains up to 17 percent). Natural inulin is involved in the same metabolic processes as glucose, and therefore fully replaces glucose in situations where it is not absorbed by cells. For this reason, the dietary and therapeutic value of inulin for diabetics and for the prevention of this disease is very high.

Jerusalem artichoke is the best natural “medicine” that lowers blood sugar and helps restore vision. For those who suffer from diabetes of both types, the best food and not come up with.For diabetics, doctors and nutritionists recommend eating 2-3 Jerusalem artichoke tubers three times a day 30 minutes before meals. Jerusalem artichoke is a divine gift to all patients with diabetes.

Jerusalem artichoke is especially necessary for recovering after surgery or a serious illness and weakened patients. Jerusalem artichoke is extremely useful to all people suffering from atherosclerosis and anemia.

A worthy substitute for potatoes

Seventh, this most valuable food root crop is able to completely replace potatoes. For example, in spring, Jerusalem artichoke is twice as superior to potatoes in the content of B vitamins and vitamin C, and also 3 times in iron content.

Unpretentious product

Eighth, an earthen pear is unpretentious to soils, undemanding to light and moisture, practically not susceptible to disease, not afraid of any pests. Jerusalem artichoke can grow in one place up to 40 years, and with virtually no care.

Jerusalem artichoke — king of the spring table

Yes, Jerusalem artichoke is nutritious, healthy, tasty and could greatly diversify your spring table. Especially in March-April, when we all so acutely feel the lack of fresh and vitamin foods! (The tubers of Jerusalem artichoke left in the ground do not freeze even in early spring, the earth has thawed a little, they are dug up).

Take advantage of Jerusalem artichoke — this valuable product for health.

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