How to quickly pump your hands at home.

How to quickly pump your hands at home.
Many beginners want to have big and strong hands, look for recipes of fast recruitment of muscle mass, wish to know how to quickly pump hands. And recipes here at first glance are very simple — the main thing to do exercises clearly and correctly, not to help hands with the body, that is to prevent rocking of the torso during lifting of the burden.
It is better to make few repeats than to make them by helping the body. And also, you shouldn ‘t consume food supplements to increase body weight in large quantities. It is better to include more protein from natural products such as meat, fish, milk in the diet.
The technique is designed for the category of «smallest,» that is intended for those who want, without being engaged in a gym, to quickly increase the volume of hands in a couple of months.
First, you must remember:
When bending hands, biceps work;
When the hands are extended, triceps work;
If you do exercises in which you need to hold weight with your hands, you train your forearms.
Second, you should not torment yourself with reusable approaches, there is little use in this at first.
And third, to drive weight, you still have to pump the muscles of your legs. Limbs will always be proportional to each other.
Now let ‘s move on to the methodology itself. To use it, we will need a bar, gantels, benches, bars and a turf. Note that all exercises are basic and strengthen in addition to hands and many other muscle groups.
1) The most important exercise: sting. This exercise can be performed by three different grips:
The first thaw is narrow: swings triceps. The second successful fellow: average. With it you will be able to raise the maximum weight of the bar. It is only appropriate to use it if you aim to increase the lifting weight of the burden. The third successful fellow: wide. Swings a pectoral muscle. It is recommended to perform 2 approaches with wide weight and two approaches with narrow, i.e. 3-4 approaches 8-10 times.
2) Push-ups on bars.
This exercise is also important for strengthening hand muscles. Both thoracic muscle and triceps swing. The main thing, not to make sharp movements — you can dislocate your hand. As you know, it will be treated for a long time. For this type of exercise fit 6-10 times, on 2-4 approaches. Remember that hands are considered strong when they easily lift their own weight. And with force there is also volume. So until you can easily push 20-25 times at least 2 approaches — you do not see big hands.
3) Pulling on a tournament.

A very effective exercise to increase the weight and strength of hands. In this exercise it is better not to help the body and to make tightening to the end (behind the chin). Try to do 8-10 times, 2-4 approaches each. The requirements for tightening are identical to those on bars — until you learn to pull 25-30 times per approach, your hands will not increase.
4) Push-ups from the floor (can be with cotton).
Classic exercise if you want to pump sternum and triceps. Approaches and the number of times — at your discretion, but the more repeats, the fewer approaches (but not less than 3).
5) Bending hands from the gantels sitting alternately (sometimes called «Topot»).
This exercise is done sitting on a stall, based to improve biceps performance. You take two gages, and you lift one hand to the shoulder and back, then the second hand. And also, take turns to lower your hands. At the same time it is necessary to keep a straight back.
Train 3-4 times a week, do not give hands excessive rest. As soon as pain sensations after training passed (usually for it is enough 1-2 days) — carry out the next training. This technique can be followed for 4-5 months, after which for more detailed work of hand muscles it is better to start visiting a gym.

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