How to put your hips in order at home?

How to put your hips in order at home?

Juicy accumulations of fat located in the upper part of the legs cause a lot of trouble to many women. «Ears» are pretty unattractive in appearance. They severely limit ladies in choosing clothes and reduce self-esteem. But the situation is not hopeless — deposits can and must be fought. We tell you how to get rid of excess fat on the hips at home and say goodbye to “ears” forever.

What are “ears” and the reasons for their appearance? Female physiology is designed in such a way that subcutaneous fat is most often deposited in the thighs (side) and abdomen. Small-sized formations grow over time, forming the so-called “breeches”. The reasons for their appearance are various. So why do “ears” appear on the hips? The presence of excess weight In some women, the gained kilograms are distributed evenly throughout the body, while in others, a certain part grows fat. For example, legs or hips. Sedentary lifestyle As a rule, modern women spend most of their lives in the office. The almost complete absence of activity, involving the muscles of the outer thigh, leads to an increase in subcutaneous fat. Heredity Some women initially have a predisposition to the formation of “ears”. Therefore, unpleasant roundness can appear even in slim ladies. How the ears on the hips look, you can see in the photo:

How to put your hips in order at home?

How to remove the «ears» on the hips.

You can get rid of unwanted fatty layers and achieve weight loss using an integrated approach that includes the following points: Diet — you should include more healthy low-calorie foods in your diet, eat fractionally and often, reduce portions. Exercise — if you have sedentary work, you can perform a small set of exercises at lunchtime. Another option is to go to the gym in the evenings or do special exercises at home. Massage and body wraps — procedures pointly affect the outer part of the thigh, disturb and knead subcutaneous fat, which helps to remove it from the body.

Diet against the «ears» on the hips.

To get rid of the unpleasant roundness on the inner and outer thighs, it is necessary to review the entire nutrition system.

How to put your hips in order at home?

It is equally important to observe the following principles of the diet:

drinking regime — the rate of consumption of fluid per day is 35 ml per 1 kg of body weight;

fractional and separate meals — eat small portions at least 5 times a day;

more vegetables and fruits — they are rich in vitamins, minerals,
fiber and other useful nutrients, but the calories in them are a little;

Kashi dark grains — they contain slowly digested carbohydrates that give a lasting feeling of satisfaction;

low-fat dairy products, meat and fish — the latter are advised to bake, stew, cook for a couple.

Forget about fried fish steaks or cutlets; «no!»
the hazards — eliminate from the menu butter pastry, sweet, salty, etc.

From one cupcake a week, of course, nothing will happen.

But to eat more, just not worth it.
The diet, composed according to the rules will not only help to remove the «ears» on the hips, but to lose weight. Therefore, to improve the body, to pump and build muscle.

Effective exercises from the «breeches» at the hips.

If you don’t have time for gym, you can perform simple but very effective exercises for getting rid of «ears» in the home.


Exercise against accumulations of grease and reduce the «ears» can be performed in two variations:

Put feet shoulder width apart. Arms extended in front of him, and his back straighten. To do a slight squat, your hips at the bottom were parallel to the floor. The minimum number of repetitions — 20.

Put your feet slightly wider than shoulders, raise socks. Squatting, Orient the knees on the foot. Be careful to work the outer part of the thighs.

How to put your hips in order at home?


It is necessary to make deep lunges alternately on each leg, at least 10 times in one approach.

  Abduction of the foot

Get on your knees. Take your foot back. Keep your body level so your abdominal muscles tighten. For each leg, do 25-50 repetitions.

How to put your hips in order at home?


  The second name for the exercise is scissors. They are also performed in two variations:

Back from a standing position. Lean against the back of a chair. Then alternately do the swings with your left and right legs. One approach for each leg is 20 times. To enhance the effect, use a fitness gum.

Feet from a prone position. Lie on your side, leaning on your arm bent at the elbow. Stretch your legs along the body. With your upper leg, swing up. The minimum number of times is 20.


Lie on a hard surface, bend your knees. Feet should be at shoulder level and rest on the floor, and hands should lie freely along the body. Lift the pelvis so that the body is flush with the hips. Keep your hands off the floor. Exercise is performed 30 times in one approach.

How to put your hips in order at home?

Massage against the “ears” on the hips

The procedure involves intensive exposure to the problem area. The following procedures are most effective:

Vacuum (cans) or manual massage using rubbing technique. Strengthen the effect helps the oil mixture. It is prepared from 10-15 ml of any vegetable oil, to which a couple of drops of essential oil (juniper, lemon or orange) are added.

Body wrap. As a lipolytic mixture, ginger, coffee, melted dark chocolate, and ground green tea are used.

How to put your hips in order at home?

If the methods described above do not work and the breeches do not go away, you can resort to more radical methods. For example, liposuction or taping.

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