How to pump powerful chest


Kcoccupery is a specialized exercise for pumping the muscular muscles. Well done, the inner and lower parts of the chest are well.

The crocodiles are well suited to increase power, ideally suited to get out of standstill, if bench press, uncleaning and uncleaning oneself become ineffective.

How did the grandfather say Apni: perfect chest muscles give you only insulated exercises!

How to do it?

Stay between the units by keeping one leg a little forward. The hands are lightly bent in the elbows, the palms will watch each other on the other. Bring the pykas together, the elbows are slightly bent over the course of exercise. Return to the original situation.

Secrets tehniki

Avoid using force of inertia; use slow motion control.
Avoid excessive bending of the pic in the open cyclic gears and overloading of the cyclic braces. The arms must remain bent in the elbows under a 10-20 ° angle.
Keep the shoulders and shoulders in place and do not use them.
Concentrate on straining your muscles in the pycnos and not on the muscles of your pyc.
Exit while moving down.

The indicator of the correct texniki is the ability to hold the pies at the moment of maximum reduction for half a second.

Make sure that you perform the correct movements, before enlarging the weight.

And yes, you will have anabolism with you!

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