How to combine training in the gym with other loads

The question that interests many boxers is: is it possible to combine boxing with training with weights. Would athleticism be superfluous if boxing is the main sport? Does a boxer need a general or special, selected athletic gymnastics course?

How to combine training in the gym with weights and boxing.

In general, the athletic load will not be superfluous in any case. On the contrary, it is desirable, and will bring excellent results. The boxer, who is additionally involved in athletic gymnastics, will gain an advantage in the power aspect, and in the physical among his rivals. These exercises further develop the stamina, strength, and performance of athletes.
It is worth saying that athletics will be useful only when they are conducted systematically, and not periodically. In addition, these exercises should be combined with a set of relaxing exercises.
At the same time, it is important to remember that for those athletes who conduct classes in parallel, special stability has formed, the pace of training and their effectiveness have significantly accelerated. Therefore, one thing can be said: athletic gymnastics will not be superfluous as an addition for boxing athletes. However, the course of such gymnastics must certainly be combined with relaxation exercises. This is important so that the strength and elasticity of the muscles of the athlete, subsequently, is not lost. A boxer must also not lose tactical-speed qualities. So, after training on the simulator, you can do a set of exercises to relax, for example: work with a skipping rope and a tennis ball. It is important not to forget about the development of speed, for which you can perform the exercise «shadow boxing», using various dumbbells. You need to visit the pool, work with a pear. Such exercises can bring significant benefits to the athlete.

How to combine gym workouts with yoga.

Yoga classes are also popular today. However, is it possible to combine a visit to the gym, in particular, with the aim of pumping up muscles, and yoga?
There are obvious advantages here:
1. In the exercises from yoga involved absolutely all the muscles and ligaments, tendons.
2. Yoga, in its essence, is “opening”, muscle relaxation, and also, the addition of energy. And this is extremely important for any athlete.
3. After practicing yoga, the body feels flexibility and relaxation, and in the morning after the perfect exercises, the muscles do not show pain.
Naturally, yoga is a useful activity for athletes, which affects not only physical characteristics, but also psychological ones.
Remember that one yoga lesson should be no less than an hour and a half. Two hours preferably. But a full-fledged lesson in the gym after yoga is almost impossible. Therefore, classes should be held on various days.

How to combine gym classes and other types of fitness.

In general, combining loads of various types is not contraindicated, there are only a few basic rules:
1.The consistency of all classes — no need to quit the exercise system you started
2. The correct selection of types of activities. So, if you want to build muscle, then additionally engage in sports that will further contribute to this. If, on the contrary, you are striving to reduce volumes, then engage in a stretching complex in addition to regular exercises or loads in the gym.

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