How to care for skin. Recommendations for daily care.

How to care for skin. Recommendations for daily care.

Beautiful and healthy skin is the pride and indispensable «accessory» of all the fairer sex. Excellent condition of the skin draws attention, allowing the woman to feel the most amazing. The freshness and lightness of healthy skin is visible immediately, the skin glows, shines! The correct and regular maintenance that will help in all situations. To care for skin daily. Important to follow the instructions of all your assets that are listed on the packaging mandatory. Application, exposure time, additional terms for all personal, it depends on the composition in the first place.

Beauty is very important initial stage of PURIFICATION. The deeper the cleanse, the more healthy the skin is. Recommended in the morning take a contrast washing, as they are very useful, just a couple of minutes. On display a huge variety of cosmetics for facial care, all selected individually based on your skin type and the desired purification. Carefully read the information pack before you buy and put on yourself experiments. The right tool is the key to good care. Cosmetic cleansing milk suitable for normal and dry skin type. Foams and lotions are more suitable for those with oily skin. One of the useful tips on skin cleansing is the use of mineral water, or ordinary soft water. Should pay attention to the cleansing of pores so that the skin «breathed».

Application of the cream – the next stage of HYDRATION. Day cream and night cream have razlichii their functions, so you should get both. Day cream is applied after cleansing in the morning, under makeup or alone. Night cream acts as additional power is applied directly for a couple of hours before bedtime, just after cleansing.

Face masks have universal role of NUTRITION. Can be made at home using traditional recipes, tested over the years by many women and you can buy in the store ready, which has a particular function for the skin. Scrubs and peels are cleaning and allow you to remove the unwanted skin impurities and dead cells allowing the skin to maintain its tone and start the renewal of skin cells. Use once a week will be enough.

Facial massage is an important part of care! Do not forget about it. Massage will strengthen the muscles, increase blood flow, allowing power to penetrate deeper and keeping the tone. All these tips will help to keep the skin soft and youth.

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