How to build muscle for a girl?

When an “ambal” passes by you along the street, usually thoughts immediately come, how much chemistry he takes to pump up so much, and if the girl gets pumped up, and to the best of his ability, then there generally thoughts fly into the wilds about pharmacology, but no one thinks that they have been working in the gym for twenty years and are improving their body every day. Here is the key word — continuous improvement of your body. 90% of people who go to the gym do not change over time, and for some reason they do not ask the question HOW SO REALLY AND SO SHOULD BE ??? And then an easy and affordable answer to this question comes — then you need to take chemistry. But we will not drink chemistry, it is harmful !!! These 90% of people know this information, too. And the conclusion is that we will go to the gym for five years just to burn the calories we eat. For the most part, this applies to girls. But no one thinks about other reasons. Violation of the regime, sparse nutrition, overtraining, and one of the most important is the wrong technique.

Why is building a girl so hard? Consider several reasons:

From ignorance of how to deal with free weights and perform basic exercises, from the myth «I will become a man,» girls like to cool off on simulators. It is cool. To change, you need to plow, plow and plow again. All the chatter should be after training.
Favorite treadmills. Cardio is necessary, but everything should be in moderation, you must maintain the pulse range for fat burning, and not run as if the dog is following you. So you burn all the muscles that you earn so much work if you go to the gym, of course.
Now we’ll look at how to build muscle for girls who, on the contrary, are obsessed and constantly give all the best in training 100%, as a result, get the opposite result — overtraining. It must be remembered that muscles grow during rest, if you have not fully recovered and you re-train them, then there can be no question of growth. They still have not adapted to the past load, and you will shock them again, and so it will be until you are exhausted.
Technique for doing exercises. Since girls lift very small weights, the technique should be perfectly honed. With the wrong technique, the load will dissipate throughout the body, and since the weight is small, you will not be able to work out all the tensed muscles efficiently enough. As a result, you are constantly very tired in training, but there will be no changes.
Nutrition. All girls love cookies, sweets, cakes — a light carbohydrate. But for recovery and muscle growth, protein (meat, eggs, cottage cheese) and the right carbohydrate (cereals, legumes) are needed. But they are not tasty, why eat. Conclusion — the body is built from nothing.
Redefine lifestyle.If you sleep little, or like nightclubs, alcohol, smoking, then excuse me, what is the attitude, this is the result. A regimen and a good dream is the key to success, and beauty requires sacrifice and you have to choose a beautiful body or party. This is our reality. But I want to say, as soon as the first results appear, emotions will go off the scale and no club will replace them with you.
This is one of the main reasons why your body does not change, even though you are engaged in the gym. And pay attention to your training, there are many of them and all for different purposes.

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