How many times a week you want to train a girl?

How many times a week you want to train a girl?

Let’s just discuss how many times a week to train at the gym?

Here the unequivocal answer can not be, but there are reasonable minimums and maximums.The minimum for a result in the change of the figure: You need to engage in weight training 2 times a week. Why not 1? Yes, because otherwise it will not happen no supercompensation. The supercompensation is the process which enhances Your physical capabilities compared to normal state.
We come to the gym with your «baseline of health» — ie, we all possess some endurance, muscle mass, fat stores, flexibility, strength, etc. now, coming to the gym all dream of becoming leaner, more flexible and hardy (if You don’t dream about it – though don’t kid yourself).

1. The first training session

During classes, our body spends a lot of energy, it destroys fat and damage muscles, in the background of this is lowered immunity. That’s the reason I’m trying to get my athletes do not drink cold water during a workout.

2. A day of rest.

You get out of bed and feel like You were run over by a truck. Muscle aches, even dressing up is already a problem, I’m not even talking about walking. Meaning that the body a day of rest will be possible to try to «fix» the damaged muscle. Help him give the correct power supply (see relevant section on website). And just after rest days the body will change, at this time very well to burn fat, increase muscle (who are still afraid of this word – you can just «muscle tone»), increases immunity.

3. The supercompensation.

How much to rest between workouts – especially individually. Because if You’re a girl-a rookie in the gym, then You may need to recover for the next workout 2-4 days, if You train long enough, Your potential for recovery is higher for 1-2 days.That’s why we conclude – that between workouts on the muscles you must do at least 1 day break (sit at home and eat correctly). A small caveat – in the future I will give training for 5 times a week, where there will be five workouts to go without rest days is not a mistake, just in these complex programs one day training only one muscle group, and the second day is another. I highly recommend girls who only first came to the hall or was on break from school, to start training programme 2-3 times a week at most. Otherwise you risk overtraining. More on that later.
So, thanks to steady training, the body is forced to adapt, these changes are called supercompensation.This is what everyone is waiting for — you may have a decrease in body fat, you began to lift more weight, the pulse at rest became lower.
For supercompensation (progress) to be, an IMPORTANT condition is necessary — to observe the principle of a reasonable overload of the body. Those. you must «surprise» your body in various ways. Namely: change training variables.
List of training variables (attention — the list is far from complete and is written in a chaotic order)

1. Weight
2. The number of approaches
3. The number of repetitions
4. The pace of the exercise
5. Rest time between sets or exercises
6. Exercise order
7. The number of exercises per muscle group

But if you overload your body too much, you can reach the 4th stage — the overtraining stage. Those. a condition where the level of health and fitness falls.

The main symptoms of overtraining:

— No impact (subject to the right of the power) Not to be confused with things like – «Here I do 3 times a week for 2 months and don’t see the sense of class, don’t I lose weight». Ask: «what do you eat?» Answer: «Well…I eat there 3 times a day…in the morning cereal with milk + coffee…the day is cottage cheese with honey…in the evening a piece of meat with potatoes» can a girl say that she is not overtraining, but just power it is necessary to change – then it will be weight loss.

— Lack of motivation. Each of those acquainted with such sitatsii, when you’re just mentally fatigued from training. This condition usually occurs after about 3 months of regular training. That’s why I have all my athletes are sent on a 10-14 day rest from training. Ie if You do 3 times a week for the past 3-4 months for this period have not missed a single workout (or a couple of missed – see your training log) and You feel that Your training in the gym is already a burden and exercise is going without pleasure – do at least 10 day long vacation from the sport. In these days of rest, try to sleep more, try not to exercise at all (Yes, even cancel Your morning jog in the mornings). This small holiday will benefit the body, it will «unload», will be restored and You will once again fuse will continue activities in the hall.

— The lack of power. This is also one of the signs of overtraining. People come to training already tired and leaves her too tired, and so not one training session and for weeks or longer. Not to be confused with laziness! Take a break in the classroom – You are overtraining.

— Decrease in immunity. This is the most obvious sign of overtraining. The body is so tired from the abuse of training reduced immunity. Please girls, do not bring yourself to this state. It is important to strike a balance between the desire to become more beautiful and health.

You see how difficult? And what is happening in the hall? – Most women in the gym deals with a small weight and is still wondering «why can’t I lose weight?» or «that’s Strange,are engaged for six months, and with the body there were no visible changes.Maybe group workouts to go?» Sometimes I just want to go in the hall and ask a woman «do You time your not sorry?». Ladies, if You are going to do with the lack of weight for your muscles or you miss scheduled workouts (three workouts this week – You came to one), then no supercompensation You will not. I, as a knowledgeable trainer say. Yes, the first month of training You have and the small weight will be a no, but progress in the body, because this load is something more than just sitting in the office and work of the fingers on the keyboard. But after a month You will see what exercises are no longer of use and assume the weight loss stopped. So, if You missed the top paragraph of my theme, I sympathize with You, because so to do for years, and exhaust will be zero.

With the first situation, we understand, but there the situation is quite the opposite – this is when women are just wearing yourself out with exercise. In any room there are girls that I call zavsegdatai hall. They go to the gym 5-6 times a week, get coaches to give free advice, hang in the hall at least 2 hours and constantly engaged by the video , which posted another sorevnuyutsya champion fitness bikini. And these girls also asking myself «why I don’t have the desired result? It kind of is, but I want more and the body does not change» Here these girls really perekreditovanija! They hammered into his head the stereotype of a regular fitness models that need to deal with hard and often. Few people come to mind the question – why the competing girls do so often in the hall? Reveal some terrible secret – almost all of which sit on the chemistry. That’s why Champ and can go for 2 times a day, or doing 6 workouts a week. I strongly advise against the use of any drugs. I have specially dedicated a website to how to achieve the perfect harmoniously developed body is usually a girl or a regular guy. And all through proper diet and well-built training.

Phew…I hope You understand from all the above written, you need to find a middle ground – not to engage with too light weight, otherwise there will be the supercompensation. And it’s not worth doing a lot and often (copying competing), otherwise it will be overtraining.Those who understand this truth will succeed!

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