Home exercise complex with gantels on shoulders

Home exercise complex with gantels on shoulders
If you are interested in how to pump beautiful shoulders, you need to understand that there is no need for targeted exercises with gantels. For men and women the complex of exercises will be slightly different, because they, in most cases, set different goals of training.

Regardless of gender, it is important to understand the basic principles of performing classes. You can train in a gym or at home. It is necessary to start without gantels, bar or other weight. Increase the load gradually as the body adapts. Do not forget about charging in the morning, proper nutrition and active lifestyle. Train systematically 2-4 times a week. Find rhythmic positive music for classes at home, and start training shoulders.

Classes with free weights on delta
Large rounded shoulders are also desirable for men, as are beautifully drawn press cubes, wide back and neck, and rolled biceps. To realize the dream of powerful shoulders, it is necessary to understand that initially it will be necessary to build up mass. This will require basic exercises.

The base is the foundation of the foundations. It is necessary to train at least twice a week. Classes for the back delta and other muscle tufts of shoulders can be bravely combined with other trainings. It is necessary to give a separate day for the shoulder belt only if you are a security officer with experience, and understand that these zones lag behind.

To perform effective basic exercises for shoulders, you will need gantels, as an alternative you can exercise with a bar. Be sure to include the best movements for this group:

Press up from the chest. The exercise is performed sitting on a bench. We lift our hands on exhalation. Limbs must be in the same parallel with the body, cannot be deflected back or forward. By lowering the gantels, bring the elbows forward a little, it will increase the performance of the class.

Home exercise complex with gantels on shoulders

Screw up from behind your head. You should also sit on the bench. We hold the gantels at shoulder level. Chest forward, blades in the lock. We squeeze the weight as high as possible, the head can be slightly tilted forward.

Home exercise complex with gantels on shoulders

We press to a chin. Get straight, your feet are on the width of your shoulders. We take the gantels and keep them at hip level. The elbows are slightly flexed, due to the force of the shoulder muscles we lift the weight upwards so that the shoulders are perpendicular to the body.

Home exercise complex with gantels on shoulders


We part hands standing. The athlete becomes straight, hands slightly bent, in palms of a gantel. We take a breath and raise our hands aside until the shoulders are parallel to the floor surface. Elbows look up. Smoothly return to the initial position.

Home exercise complex with gantels on shoulders

We ‘ll put our hands aside on the bench. You can sit vertically or inclined. There is an embodiment lying on an inclined bench on the stomach. We will spread our hands in different directions as in the previous exercise. It is important to feel muscle tension, not to relax them and not to drop the load at the bottom point.

Home exercise complex with gantels on shoulders

Lifting the gantels in front of you. The primary position — we stand exactly, hands with gantels lie on the front on the hips. Alternately raise our hands forward so that the angle between the limbs and the body is 90 degrees. You can ‘t help yourself with a hull or make leaps.

Home exercise complex with gantels on shoulders

Each exercise must be performed in 2-3 approaches with the maximum number of repeats.

All movements must be slow and cautious. The execution technique plays no less important role than the number of approaches or weight. Remember safety rules and the meaning of proper breathing. A comfortable rhythm will allow the body to cope with the load more easily.

Home exercise complex with gantels on shoulders

Training for growing thin
Getting rid of excess kilograms, it is important to keep your hands tightened and attractive. For this purpose it is necessary to perform exercises for weight loss of shoulders. Every movement must be repeated for half a minute. In breaks it is necessary to give muscles rest and time for recovery. There are many movements for the thin, but only exercises with gantels on the shoulders allow to achieve a noticeable result in this zone in minimal terms.

The women ‘s program for the shoulder department must include the following classes:

Standing straight, hands with gantels lowered. We take a breath, and on exhalation we lift them forward, then we lower them down, then we lift them again, but already in the directions.
We ‘re in a vertical position. In the hands of the gantels, which must be raised to the level of the forehead. Elbows are divorced aside. Straining the muscles of the shoulders, slightly lower and lift the gages in front of the face. Complete the exercise by raising your hands up twice until the elbows are fully unbended.
Lying on a gymnastics mat, the legs are bent in knee joints and slightly placed. Hands with gantels we raise up in front of ourselves. We take a breath and raise them aside, as if revealing hugs. It ‘s important that the elbows touch the floor.
We stand exactly, hands raised up, in the palms of the gantel. On inhalation we lower our hands by the head, on exhalation we return back.
We stand exactly, the feet together, the knees slightly bent, the hull tilted forward. Hands are bent in elbows, such a pose can be called «skier.» In turn, you have to take your hands back, then return them to their primary position. Exercise trains not only shoulders, but also triceps.
The secret of women ‘s trainings is simple. It is important not to focus on the weight of the gantels. Your task is to make 3 approaches of 10-12 repeats.

It is necessary that training gives pleasure and gives a good mood. Always be engaged in a good mood, do not miss trainings and train hard, and in a few weeks your reflection in the mirror will become slender and more attractive.

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