Fitness exercises for girls.

Many are sure that any exercise is useful, but also safe and effective. Like, our efforts will then be counted, one way or another. But a number of simulators are not at all safe, especially for those who have problems with joints, muscles and poor health. Some exercises will require some knowledge. And not every person possesses them. And indeed, some of the physical movements in general may turn out to be a waste of time and energy.

We will cover some of the most controversial exercises. It is necessary that the exercises that you include in your complex are determined by the results (those that you want to achieve) and whether your state of health will make them possible. But be that as it may, before you engage, consult a doctor.

We will name a number of points that should not be overlooked. It’s about an unusual or seemingly unnatural movement or position, about any movements that cause pain or discomfort, exacerbate muscle imbalance, requiring increased flexibility of the joints. Particular attention should be paid to exercises where the risk of injury simply outweighs the benefits of their implementation.

So, before doing these exercises, think twice.

So, the thrust on the high block behind the head. In the past, trainers taught him to carry weight behind his head. Many now do so. But this is a bad idea. Not everyone can make this move. And for some, this exercise is generally prohibited — especially for those who sit at the table all day.

About deep squats. Performing them, with too deep corners in the squat, you risk getting a knee injury. Squat correctly and do the leg press correctly. Do not bend more than 90 degrees to your hips or knees.

Extension from a sitting position is a popular exercise. But it creates a decent risk for knee injury. Simpler squats are much more natural, as well as lunges (with or without exercise).

On the development of simulators of the inner and outer thighs. These exercise machines in many gyms are super popular. But there is a risk of overloading the muscles loaded with the load. It will be safer to do exercises using your body weight.

And last, deadlift. Here, standing traction is very dangerous due to the compression of nerves in the shoulders. It is better to do traction in a slope, with a bend in the hip forward 90 degrees, holding the weight under the shoulders.

Once again, recall that. That not every exercise is useful and safe! This is especially true for the representatives of the better half of humanity. One option for safe exercise is fitness exercises for girls!

Fitness exercises for girls.

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