Fitness at home

In modern life every women all the minutes painted: work, children, home life and meeting with friends. On fitness, and what can I say, the usual sports exercise time is not enough. And training is very important regularity. Today we will offer you simple but effective exercises you can perform in parallel with the household chores. Doing them regularly and then you will notice how your body is changing every day.

To start, wear comfortable clothes, like housework and exercise. Sports gear you will replace the two plastic water bottles, a chair and a MOP. Plan your household chores so you need: in the kitchen when preparing dinner, do exercise for the arms and thighs. To do this, take water bottles and use them as dumbbells. Raise arms forward to shoulder level, bring them back, training the triceps, do 15-20 repetitions for 1-2 approach. At this time on the stove can easily prepare soup or fried pancakes.

Also with a bottle in hand, you can do a series of lunges back and forth, while bending the supporting leg at right angles.
While wiped the dust from the top shelf, walk on toes and heels, so you train calves and calf muscles. Stop at any chair that stands against the wall. Turn your backs, hold hands and do 15-20 push-UPS, while bending your elbows. This will help you to strengthen the triceps.

Now grab a MOP, no, we won’t MOP the floor, wet cleaning should be performed with hands in a sitting, this will allow you to spend more calories. And a MOP put on the shoulders, hold it with two hands and do 10-15 tilts to the side, the body should be straight. Next, turn the torso to the right and to the left. This exercise will help make your waist slender.

During sedentary work, for example sewing, squeeze in turn your buttocks and hold them in one position for a few seconds. This will strengthen your muscles back of the thigh. Best home business to fulfill the energetic music, you can even dance, but do remember to strain your abdominal muscles.

As a bonus, for double the work, take a warm bath with aromatic oils, hot water will relieve tension from your body and relax your muscles.

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