Fighting fat on the stomach

Struggling with belly fat

Before each winter season we’re going to go to the gym or go to the gym in order to spring to stand in excellent shape. And every spring the same old thing: we are standing in front of a mirror, straighten your back and pull the belly in order to appear slimmer.

Then start reproach himself for laziness, after all nothing prevented to go to the gym and keep myself in shape. And it happens from year to year. No matter what time of the year, the main thing to start to do that in a couple short years not swim fat completely. If the fat has settled on your waist, and you have to carefully hide it under clothing, then you just need exercises that will help to remove excess fat from the abdomen. Naturally a fast result, you don’t get to just have some time. Belly fat removed is not very easy, since belly fat has almost no blood, which leads to a lack of oxygen for fat burning. Muscles in my stomach have constantly to keep in shape and to pump that fat did not come back.

Versatile exercises to create beautiful press of course does not exist, each must be selected individually, based on their body. It is best if the classes will be held with the coach, which will show exercises that are very effective for you. In addition, any circuit of exercises you can effectively adapt. Exercises for abs are divided into 3 types: exercises for the oblique muscles for the upper and lower press. It is best to train on an empty stomach or 2-3 hours after a meal. In order to have the maximum effect from the results, it is necessary to do three sets of 20-30 repetitions. Beginners it is undesirable to immediately take on a greater load. It should start slowly and every week increase the number of repetitions and approaches. Performing exercises constantly need to watch your breath. Entrance to do only the nose and exhale through the mouth.

To combat the excess of scales on the belly are very well suited rubdown. They will help to restore blood circulation and to provide in the region of the stomach blood flow. It is best to cool off to use a special mitten from rough fabric.

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