Fasting olive oil

Olive oil is obtained from the pulp of olive, a fruit rich in nutrients. It is considered especially valuable because of its delicate taste and important properties: this product is useful for the body not only with an abundance of trace elements, but also with good digestibility. In addition to the fact that it is used in cooking, oil is considered to be an excellent help in losing weight and improving health, improving the condition of the skin, hair and nails.

The benefits of olive oil

The main value in its rich composition. The product is a source of fat-soluble vitamins A, E, K, some B vitamins. In addition, it contains healthy omega-3 and omega-6 fats, the intake of which promotes proper metabolism and prevents the occurrence of cholesterol plaques. Fasting olive oil can help in several ways.

Laxative effect. It gives a mild laxative effect and can help those who suffer from constipation, without being addictive, like more powerful medications.

Decrease in acidity. Oil envelops the walls of the stomach and reduces acidity, so it will be an excellent help in the fight against hyperacid gastritis (however, the use of oil does not cancel the observance of medical recommendations).

Saturation of the body with vitamins and minerals. Due to its rich composition, olive oil allows you to saturate the body with useful substances, which is reflected in the appearance: usually the skin becomes fresh, the condition of nails and hair improves, a person begins to look younger.

Anti-inflammatory effect. Linoleic acid in the composition stimulates tissue regeneration, and phenol-containing compounds, according to some data, give an anti-inflammatory effect. The ability to block the activity of COX-1 and COX-2 makes it possible to attribute olive oil to natural anti-inflammatory drugs.

Why in the morning

Fasting olive oil

Drink oil on an empty stomach, before breakfast. Shortly before taking, it’s good to drink some water. The fact is that it is in the morning and on an empty stomach that the human body absorbs food better, so that in this case the benefit of the oil will be maximum. Some note that taking oil in the morning helps to cheer up, and if it is used as a means for the stomach, the absence of other food will help to have an effect.

How to use oil

There are several options for the proper use of oil. Usually it is recommended to mix it with a glass of warm water to make it more comfortable to drink, and add honey to improve palatability. There are rules to make fasting olive oil more healthy.

The duration of the course is several weeks. The course of administration is usually several weeks, and skipping a drink these days is not recommended. After that you can take a break to repeat it, if necessary.

More doesn’t mean better. Drinking too much oil will only make it worse, so the dose should be calculated with caution: usually the morning intake includes no more than one tablespoon.

Not every oil is equally beneficial. It is worth choosing an exclusively cold pressed product stored in a dark bottle: this saves a large number of useful properties. Do not store oil for too long. Prolonged contact with air impairs its quality and reduces its value; therefore, it is recommended not to purchase oil in large bottles.

Do not forget about contraindications. There are contraindications in which it is not recommended to take olive oil. Diseases of the stomach, intestines, liver, gall bladder require prior consultation with a doctor before taking: oil can affect their course, and you should talk with a specialist in advance about this.

With proper administration, the result may be noticeable after a few days. However, do not forget that this is a preventive and healing agent, and not a medicine, and you should not abandon the medications prescribed by your doctor in favor of oil.

Why add lemon

There is a version that olive oil is better absorbed if combined with lemon. It is believed that sour fruit softens fat and at the same time enhances its effect, and due to the high content of vitamin C it additionally saturates the body with useful substances. As a result, the condition of the skin and hair improves: even masks are made from oil with honey and lemon.

Olive Oil Recipes

Fasting olive oil

The recipe for use that depends on your goals. There are different variations of the beneficial mixture. Some of them are better for weight loss, some help to normalize digestion, some give other effects.

As a laxative. To use the oil as a laxative, you can drink one tablespoon on an empty stomach. This regimen should be maintained for a week, after which it is recommended to take a break and resume taking it if the state of health requires it. A tablespoon of oil in combination with a small amount of lemon juice is sometimes used for hemorrhoids. This makes it easier to defecate.

For rejuvenation. Achieving a rejuvenating effect does not necessarily mean drinking on an empty stomach: in this case, oil can, for example, be added to a salad. Appearance can be improved due to the vitamins that are contained in the oil in any case, just digested better before meals.

With gastritis. Before taking it, it is recommended to drink a glass of warm water, then wait 10 minutes. Oil needs only a teaspoon, while lemon in case of gastritis is not recommended. Half an hour later, you can have breakfast.

For weight loss. For this purpose, it is recommended to drink a teaspoon of oil half an hour before breakfast. Fatty and nutritious oil gives a feeling of fullness, which does not allow you to eat too much.

For vivacity. As an invigorating remedy, it is advised to take a teaspoon of oil, washed down with a glass of water in half with lemon juice. Such a cocktail will help to improve well-being and stimulate the digestive system.

To improve the condition of the skin and hair. 50 ml of olive oil in combination with a cup of honey and half a cup of lemon juice is a mixture that is taken on an empty stomach as a useful vitamin supplement that improves the condition of the skin and hair. Olive oil is also applied externally by rubbing it into the skin.

Do not use this product thoughtlessly, drink it with children without consulting a specialist, or take it on your own, having any chronic diseases. In such situations, it is recommended to speak with your doctor.

Cream with Olive Oil

We recommend all lovers of this wonderful natural remedy to try a moisturizer for the natural radiance of the skin from Herbalife. This is a daily care for beauty and youth. The product promotes active hydration of the skin and reduction of external signs of aging. In addition to olive oil, the cream also contains other valuable components: vitamins C, E, B3, extract of aloe vera juice, rosemary, chamomile flowers, as well as corn, sesame and other oils.

Choose the right oil

It must be of high quality. The most useful is extra virgin olive oil poured into a dark bottle. It contains especially many useful substances. In order to have no doubts in quality, it is necessary to choose products based on olive oil from trusted manufacturers. So, creams containing olive oil are rich in vitamins and healthy fats and can help moisturize and rejuvenate the skin.

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