Expanders: A variety of workouts anytime, anywhere.

Expanders: A variety of workouts anytime, anywhere.

Compliance with your workout plan is half dependent on convenience. The hall may be too far away, it may cost too much, or you may be shy to go there, and all this does not motivate you to study at all. Instead, you can use your comfortable home as a personal room and purchase inexpensive home fitness equipment, such as expanders, to get back in shape without any inconvenience.

Here are 5 reasons why training with an expander may be helpful.

1. Exercises for all muscle groups
Expanders allow you to develop exercises for specific muscle groups, but also for the entire body. This is ideal for those who lack the time and seeking all one workout or want to lose weight, to work on endurance, or to improve the results of cardio.

2. No boring workout
If you use expanders you will never be the same workouts. Not only will you have plenty of options of exercises, but you will also be able to use the expander separately, hooking it over the door or using it when working with free weights to put in front of your body new challenges.

3. Reduced injury risk
One of the main benefits of training with resistance bands is a very low risk of injury. Hit, stretch it out, push or pull, and these tapes will always support your efforts.

4. You never miss a workout
Travel for work or vacation should not be a reason to skip a workout. Even if the hotel has little room, the bands allow you a full workout and not break the schedule.

5. Improve results cardio
Accelerate your heart rate by performing exercises that give increased load and your muscles, and your cardiovascular system. For example, miss your expander band under both feet, hold the handle with both hands at shoulder level and perform jumping with cotton over my head. During long cardio don’t forget to drink enough water and electrolytes.

A set of exercises with resistance bands for beginners: 30 minutes.

Taking into consideration all the advantages of resistance bands, try to start this set of exercises for beginners.

First of all, make sure that you have selected for your workout place is free from furniture, there are no Pets or anything that may prevent you to perform the exercises safely and completely. Turn off notifications on your phone or computer so you are not distracted. Bring a towel, water, a protein bar or something else that you need during a workout.

Repeat each exercise 10 to 25 times, depending on the degree of elasticity of the expander. Strive to repeat the whole complex of eight exercises three times.

1. Penguin
Pass the tape under the middle part of both feet and hold handles at shoulder level. Move your right foot to the right, raising the bent foot from the floor. Put it back and take the left foot to the left. Alternate legs.

2. Swings hands over the head
Stand up, passing the tape under both feet and hold handles at shoulder level. Raise both arms up towards the ceiling and then lower them. To simplify the exercise, remove the strips one foot or alternately raise first one arm and then the other.

3. Bridge hips
Lie on the floor, bend the left knee and place the foot on the floor. Raise your right leg up. Throw expander on the right foot and pull it. Raise and lower hips, keeping right leg straight up and loosening of the expander. Don’t forget to alternate legs.

4. Pull sitting hands
Sit on the floor and pull both legs forward. Throw expander on both feet. Pull arm themselves to the fins and then let go.

5. Exercise for biceps
Stand on the tape one or two legs and keep her arms at waist level palms up. Bend your arms towards your shoulders, then slowly unbend.

6. Attack back
Stand on the tape with one foot and hold her arm or at the shoulder level, or below the hips. Make a lunge back with the other leg. Change the leg.

7. Exercise on triceps
Stand on the strip with both feet, keep arms at sides, palms pull back and turn to each other. Without bending the arms, pull them back, using the triceps.

8. Twisting
Hook the tape over the leg of a chair or bed and sit on the floor, holding both arms in the right thigh. And lean back and pull both arms across the torso to the left. Repeat with the other side.

Band resistance bands — convenient and inexpensive equipment for training at any time and in any place. When selecting expander pay attention to a set of expanders with bands of different elasticity, so you can freely adjust the load, and you’ll never skip a workout.

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